Ethiopian Evangelical Church Faces Closure Due To Inexplicable Noise Pollution Complaint

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by Jordan Hilger, Worthy News Correspondent

(Worthy News) - An evangelical Protestant Church in Ethiopia received an eviction letter on May 15th citing noise complaints from local residents after operating peaceably for 10 years, according to World Watch Monitor.

Mekane Yesus Evangelical Church, in Robe, Ethiopia, was ordered to vacate its building by Oromia Regional State Authorities within 30 days, and petitions by local members to officials have since been fruitless.

“Noise from mosques and Ethiopian Orthodox churches can be heard throughout the day and even at night,” an anonymous source told World Watch Monitor. “This decision is nothing other than a display of animosity towards Protestant churches in the region.”

Despite its status as a majority Christian nation, most Ethiopians belong to the Ethiopian Orthodox church (EOC), who, along with its significant Muslim minority, have often expressed deep antipathy toward the country’s small but burgeoning evangelical population.

Last year an Ethiopian Protestant was charged with insulting the religious feelings of members of the EOC when he questioned the use of the tabot, or Ark of the Covenant replica, in OId Testament-style Orthodox worship services, a crime for which he became the object of violence from Orthodox Ethiopians during his trial.

Open Doors USA lists Ethiopia 28th on its World Watch List of places where it's most difficult to be a Christian, with the spread of Islam cited as the main reason.

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6 thoughts on “Ethiopian Evangelical Church Faces Closure Due To Inexplicable Noise Pollution Complaint”

  1. Leoul Mekonen They have been in that church for 10 years and now a noise complaint is filed. That just doesn't sound right. There are other bits and pieces in the article which don't sound like a Christian Nation.

  2. Once again, we are being fed skewed (not completely factual) news.

    This is a classic Catholic verses Protestant issue. More than that, it is about the majority recognized religions of Islam and Ethiopian "Orthodox" (which means Catholic, it's just not Roman Catholic) verses the minority faiths, in this city, in Ethiopia. In this case The Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus, which is the name of a (the) Lutheran (Protestant) denomination in Ethiopia, most certainly is not following any of the catholic leaders there. That Lutheranism is barely moved past Catholicism, is lost on people so fully immersed in the Ethiopian (Catholicism) Orthodoxy's. There are several Ethiopian groups using "Orthodox" in their names. They all behave much like Roman Catholicism during the middle ages, a political entity, as much as long time cultural roots all over Ethiopia, since no later than the 4th century CE. Few nations can even argue points like that.

    The Ethiopian Orthodox Church is (and has been all along) a fully catholic and is recognized as such by all other catholic groups as well as all the "orthodox" (aka catholic) denominations.

    There are a few small Christian groups which use, likewise, the term "orthodox" around the world, without meaning that they are Catholic, that is an aberration of the usual use of the term Orthodox; it has and does mean catholic. Examples are the Egyptian Orthodox is just a synonym for Egyptian Coptic; Greek Orthodox, means Greek Catholic. Russian Orthodox, again, means Russian Catholic. Some have their own Papa's (the meaning of the word Pope), such a titles like Patriarch (again, meaning male head of family, aka father, aka papa).

    The Ethiopian Evangelical Church, is a Lutheran denomination and more than that, it is Ethiopia's (major) Lutheran denomination. These people are still living and wrestling issues from the Protestant Reformation''s Martin Luther's time; from the days of the Protestant Reformation, only they dispute it with the heads of Ethiopian Orthodoxy and Islam there.

    Look it up on Wikipedia, it's easy to check this out. The reports being filed by this "worthy news correspondent" over and over again show attempts to paint catholics are Christians (which how can someone who prays to Mary be a Christian?). To confuse us as to who is against whom, and just plain hide disputes regarding catholics under the name of Christian Persecution. I'd put money on him being Catholic. We need new WN Correspondents who can come into this without prejudiced minds.

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