Pro-choice advocates push do-it-yourself abortion kits to states

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(Worthy News) - A coalition of pro-choice advocates is expanding abortion services via shipments of do-it-yourself medications and telemedicine in several states including Georgia, which recently banned the practice after a fetal heartbeat is detected.

Clinicians from Gynuity Health Projects, Planned Parenthood and other family planning groups are offering “telabortion” services in eight states in an effort to increase access to abortion.

The telabortion effort is being introduced as some states move to enshrine abortion rights into their laws and constitutions while others have enacted restrictions or outright bans against the procedure. Such legislative action has been driven in part by ideas that the new conservative majority of the Supreme Court would overturn the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion nationwide. [ Source: Washington Times (Read More...) ]

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6 thoughts on “Pro-choice advocates push do-it-yourself abortion kits to states”

  1. You know, the monarchies of this world, which predate most of the world's governments, as we now know it, but Monarchies, are what came in between democracies and republics, off and on. And they survived on the murder of the unborn and prostitution, which relies on the murder of their unborn, so that they can continue to do prostitution. Those prostitutes who do have children of their own, have few, nothing like what a lifetime of prostitution results in. Sure, there are some of those women who can't have children, or who contract STD's the then render them sterile, but they, like most sterile women, are in the minority.

    Every European, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, German, all of them that I can think of, had monarchs (kings and/or queens) which has mistresses and courtesans. A courtesan could be either male or female. Few bore children. Even Camilla, the now wife of the Crown Prince of England, Wales, etc. etc. etc., never bore a child of Charles. She bore children to her husband, a Mr. Parker, instead.

    What was Fidel Castro entitled most of his days as ruler of Cuba? A Tyrant, a Dictator, but what he really was, was a King. So too is Kim Jong-un, a king. He has more day to day, hands on, power then the Queen of England has in her territories. A name, is just a name.

    Rape is usual in North Korea. Wanna guess if they do abortions there? And what is it based on? Prostitution and whoredoms. Though it isn't fair to blame all the women for it all. Not if it's rape. Not if they have no choice about the abortions. That's one of the reasons the USA was so compassionate about wives in China during the One Child Policy, which forced the second pregnancy to be aborted. And many a married couple aborted their first when it was not yet timely.

    While waiting in the wings for Wills to decided if/when to marry Kate, do we supposed Kate never got pregnant? In England, they publicly ridicule anyone who believes abortion is morally wrong. Seriously, only the "ignorant" Irish wouldn't get one, on their TV programs. What about Meghan Markle? While busy having her famous career, anyone suppose she never got pregnant? She was even married before, but never got pregnant? There's no proof that either women ever did, but it's normal and usual in their sphere's of life.

    Sure, now that they are married, they couldn't get one. Right? When was the last time a Down's baby was born in the English monarchy, or any monarchy, worldwide? What are the chances of that?

    Our whole western world was built on what was touted to the world, esp the US/UK ,back in the late 60's as "Family Planning" but was simply a way of letting women behave as men had been allowed to since the dawn of time. Only married men needed to be concerned that the women might get pregnant, and modify their behavior accordingly.

    Observant Jews still take heed not to have sexual relations during certain times of their wives months if they wish to space out the next pregnancy (usually only for medical reasons). But it works. There was a symbolic meaning to male infants (and adult males coming into it) being circumcised. It had to do with keeping the marriage bed pure.

    There are (likewise) observant Catholics who do the same even to the taking of "the pill" just enough, and no more, to make the woman so regular that "The Rhythm Method" works. It's a blending of their rules, but it works, and many of those traditional Catholic wives who otherwise are too irregular to make that method work, use it.

    Not to bash real family planning but that's not what the unmarried are using it for, not usually. Occasionally, there's a single woman who arranges for her own shipment from some cryobank. And if she's not on welfare, what do you or me or anyone else care, as long as she's being a good Mom? Then, Conservatives bash her as some kind of slut. As if they can't think far enough "outside the box" to have figured out that one. Some women/females got pregnant via rape also, you know. That does happen, esp in a country that so waters down it's rape rates that they are still abominable.

    It's a bit mind boggling to hear so many, supposedly, Christian men, on talk shows bashing single Moms as if the Only Way they could have got children without a husband was if they were out there fornicating it up, and then the mothers are shoving them and their children in male Christian "men's" faces. How dare they be on Welfare? Well, end welfare if it's so offensive to enough people. It only came into existence because of The Great Depression, where children and widowed mothers starved to death. That is not how Jesus would behave. That is not how Jesus does behave to them who had been raped, and like now in Georgia, they didn't abort. They had the child, and now get to be abused by "Christians" for following through? They should give the child up for adoption? Why? Really, why? Just any ole two parent house is better than all single mother homes? Did you take that to the Lord in prayer to see if that holds water? Because it doesn't.

    What if the single "mom" is grandma? Oh, that's okay then? Why? Because everyone can see Grandma isn't the single mother? There are some serious issues that our Conservative men (and their wives) will need to deal with to properly prepare for Abortion being overturned in the US of A. Even the FemiNazi's who run State Child Protective Services know that keeping the child with it's own parent (if at all possible) is best. That is the reason why Welfare came into existence in the USA, originally. Because Churches could not carry the load of all the poor next to them. Salvation Army couldn't carry the load of all, and for all.

    Sure adoption needs to be pulled up and get running the very day that Abortion is make once again illegal in the USA. But prospective parents that can pass the background tests and any Counselling that needs to be written into the adoption contracts of foster kids, those things require conversions to the hard core DSM V. That's the bible of Psychoheresy aka Psychotherapy and Psychology.

    See: Martin and Deidre Bobgan's research and books (many are now free e-books) at their site online.

    We now have so many men in our world who can't take care of a wife, and esp can not take good care of a wife and children. Then, there is an almost total lack of family men who know how to do all of that as well as take in another family member (like biblical) as the rest of the extended family ages.

    Our public schools do not educate anyone for lives lived as Traditional Families. What most cultures had, is not only in minority pockets. And even those of Patriarchies often only exist with having whores and/or prostitutes on the side.

    That's really what PP and all their ilk are trying so hard to protect, and defend, a world where Prostitution can and is practiced freely.

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