Almost 100 Malian Villagers Killed by Islamists as Genocide Against Christians in West Africa Continues

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by Jordan Hilger, Worthy News Correspondent

(Worthy News) - 95 people, all of them Christian, in a traditionally Dogon village in Mali were slaughtered by a band of Muslim Fulani Herdsmen June 9th.

According to witnesses, 50 of the nomadic pastoralists, who have been a significantly radicalized segment of the Muslim population in West Africa, surrounded the village in trucks and razed it to the ground, killing men, women, and children.

“Anyone who tried to escape was killed,” a witness named Amadou Togo told AFP.

The government of Mali resigned in April of this year, leaving its Christian inhabitants at the mercy of the roving bands of Islamic militants that have swarmed West Africa in recent years, making it one of the most violent places in the world and contributing to a situation that the Nigerian House of Representatives called “genocide” in July 2018.

Despite the obvious religious dimension of the conflict, with Open Doors having reported that all of the Malian villagers killed in Sobame Da at the beginning of June were Christian, the BBC attributed the massacre to “clashes between Dogon hunters and semi-nomadic Fulani herders”--a mere fight for resources.

In a newsletter on the attack, Open Doors on June 22nd asked partners to pray for the country ranked 24th on its World Watch List 2019, as well as the rest of the countries in the African Sahel region (Burkina Faso, Chad and Niger) beset by instability and genocidal Islamism.

“As we see the magnitude of these attacks and previous ones, pray that God would end this movement,” the newsletter read.

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4 thoughts on “Almost 100 Malian Villagers Killed by Islamists as Genocide Against Christians in West Africa Continues”

  1. May God in His infinite mercy intervaine and end this movement (Islamic genocidal) in Afirica and the whole world generally

  2. The BBC openly has, and certainly continues to, degrade anyone who is anti-abortion on all their shows and movies. There's something telling about all that.
    Shame be upon them, for that.

    That said, Open Doors defines "Christian persecution (as) is any hostility experienced from the world as a result of one’s identification as a Christian."

    And therein defines the problem for all of us who believe in, and follow, Christ.
    White Supremacists clearly identify themselves as "Christian Identity" and throw the term Christian all over the place about their own selves. They are nothing of the kind, except for those who are born into it and are just now coming to know Jesus. Only the Lord Almighty, is He. Only our Father, in heaven can know who those few are.

    Meanwhile, Mormons (The Church of Latter Day Saints) "identify" themselves as Christians and most of the younger ones have no idea why we would not just accept them as such. The JW's (Jehovah's Witnesses) believe they are the "real Christians" of this world, and nothing could be farther from the Truth. So too, many of the Arab Christians who follow after "Christian" Orthodox/Catholic denominations. Satan waters down the gospel by the inclusion of worshiping of long deceased "Saints," even to the warped definition of what constitutes a "saint," as to muddy even the story of Christ come (the real Gospel). Think of all the Mariology (worship and adoration/veneration of Mary, the mother of Jesus).

    So then, "Christian Persecution," as defined by Open Doors, and so many others, esp Catholic organizations, gives us false facts.

    Open Doors was begun by a Brother Andrew, who, though he used that title (which is only right) was and (according to my research) isn't a catholic in any of it's many forms around the world. His works are among the very best, by smuggling in Bibles to Believer's and those who would become Christ's own (and our brethren too). That said, his definition and the reports of Open Doors, because of his definition of what constitutes "Christian Persecution" now diverts attention away from so many brothers and sisters of Christ, and of we who bear His Name.

    It is understandable that those who are not yet aware of the atrocities the catholic systems still perpetuate daily on Protestants and Messianic believers around the world, would just suck up/accept such a definition of "Christian Persecution."

    For example, in the USA (and so many other countries) Roman Catholic health care systems buy up daily other health care systems. Then, they impose (not just anti-abortion policies) but the latest form of the Spanish Inquisition. Christian church, after "Christian church," capitulate to Psychology and it's forced conversions. Think that last wife who cried "rape" by her husband? or the one that cries "abuse" at her husbands hands? Off she goes to the Female Supremecists and their Safe House, with her children, if she is lucky. But that's just the beginning. The goal is and has been all along to force her to testify against her husband. By looking at some "Wheel of Violence" that turns out to be exactly one and the same tactics her new Abusers use on her, again, to force her into "Therapy" which is just Re-Education, esp if she had a Traditional Marriage and family structure.

    Well, to be fair, it's not only the Catholic health care systems in the USA that do these things. However, it was, and is, Roman Catholic "charity" (what a deal!) that brought the new and "alternative" medicine of Psychology, and it's Psycho-therapy, mainstream. Once it was mainstream and the hidden secrets/sins of all those patients hearts (and their family secrets/sins) the Extortion and Blackmail began. Until now, I doubt any family in the USA has been left untouched.

    When denominations such as those are persecuted overseas, maybe it's not for being "Christian" but for disrupting families. Okay, so they are disrupting Islamic families by converting some of them.

    We must Never settle for the conversion of some Muslim, or Druze, or Atheist or Mormon, to Catholicism. That has little to do with Christ and everything to do with Satan.

    It is only Christian Persecution when, and if, they are being persecuted for righteousness sale. Adoring Mary as if she has some power to save us (from anything) is idolatry. Even the Catholic Bible tells us to "not even eat with such a one." So then, why would we divert our time, prayers and resources to help them under the title of Christian Persecution? It's not.

    Though certainly, they may be brought to our attention as Prayer Concerns, so we may pray for their conversion. Then, perhaps our God, Himself, would treat them as He does us, and protect them.

    Franklin Graham needs to learn this lesson for his Sam's Purse which often supports Anglican girl's schools and similar in Africa and around the world. Calling those girls Christian. Really? Research a bit. Or how about Ethiopian Orthodox family men? While we give to pagans masquerading as Christians and the persecution of them, we are not giving of our time and talents and prayers of them in the same countries dying for lack of water, food, and help to those family men to get needed tools to take care of their families.

    let's begin to get this stuff right. We can understand Brother Andrew's errors in this, he is obviously burdened with a gift for Evangelism. And no one should stop him, and his, from exercising it. But true Christian Persecution is the persecution of real Christians, who know Jesus Christ as Alive and intimately involved in their lives. That's not the same thing as some catholic priest being abused, unless he knows Jesus now.

    We have no way of knowing, right now, mostly because this news was originally published by the BBC. The BBC can hardly act as if those of The Church of England are not real Christians. It was the Vulgate that turned what was written about "assembly" and "gathering" and "called out ones" into "Church." And now, our God is letting "churches" be persecuted.

    Flee the churches.

    This is what Christian leaders have done to God's people. We do not even know if this report is about our brethren now, or if like so many before it, is just about idolaters usurping the name Christian.

    Those who died in this news piece, (if they really knew Christ, and were "Christians") are now in the very Presence of God, and His Christ; with the Holy Spirit of the Almighty One. It is them who survived that need our prayers.

    This may just scare the rest into God's kingdom, and those among the Muslim herdsmen, into the very arms of God. Let's us hope so.

    During the Tribulation, that great and most terrible time that is to come, wearing the Name of Christ/Messiah, the real one, will mean the definitions become much clearer. The only fear which anyone that is not sin, is to fear the Lord Almighty.

  3. Wait a minute.

    Why then are there news reports that this is a tit for tat thing?

    Aljazeera says, published today, "At least 23 people have been killed and 300 missing after an attack on Sunday on a village of Fulani herders in central Mali where communal violence has surged in recent months, a local mayor said.

    Two other Fulani communities were targeted on Sunday evening amid a string of deadly assaults between herders and ethnic Dogon farmers who have long fought over land and resources but whose rivalry has been stoked this year by the growing presence of armed groups.

    "During Sunday, and overnight, in the villages of Bidi, Sankoro and Saran, armed men attacked civilians, killing 23 of them," Cheick Harouna Sankare, mayor of the neighbouring town of Ouenkoro, told AFP news agency.

    "The situation is serious, the army needs to act to reassure the population," he said, adding that an emergency meeting had been called.

    No one told us that villagers were going out killing in revenge? On Sunday nights? Why? Because Church was over and they had nothing better to do now?

    It's shameful for us to be praying for a people do are as guilty as the herders are.

    If we are to believe Jordan, why not Aljazeera? Aljazeera is not automatically wrong just because they are mostly Muslims? Catholics are wrong on so many levels (they promote Psychoheresies! and Idolatry. Even Necromancy).

    It wrong, all of them. Only before, we didn't know that. That the supposed Christians are behaving just as badly.

    Shame on them (too).

    They know better than to sneak up and kill, taking hostages too (300?).

    It's shades of Protestant verses Catholic Ireland.

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