8 Christians Arrested in Iran, One Elderly Woman Freed


by Jordan Hilger, Worthy News Correspondent

(Worthy News) - Eight Iranian Christians were arrested by Iranian intelligence officials at the beginning of July, and are currently being held at an undisclosed Intelligence Ministry site in Bushehr, a southern port city on the Persian Gulf.

The houses and workplaces of the Christians were ransacked, and Bibles, cell phones, hard drives, IDs, credit cards and everything else containing the personal information of the detainees taken as evidence against the recent converts, according to Article 18, a religious freedom organization.

Khatoon Fatolahzadeh, an elderly woman, was released due to her age after six cars carrying Iranian intelligence agents surrounded her house.

A State Department report released at the end of June found that little to no religious freedom existed in Iran, with Christian converts punished as apostatizing or heretical Muslims, the religious status of citizens having been enshrined in Iranian law as a fixed and unchanging category after the 1979 revolution.

A strict “prohibition on proselytizing” enforced through panoptic Iranian intelligence services, who monitor and track converts, was another find of the report.

On April 16 other Christians in the same city lost their appeals and were sentenced for “propaganda activities against the regime through the formation of house churches.”

Iran is currently number 9 on Open Doors USA’s World Watch List for Christian persecution.

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6 thoughts on “8 Christians Arrested in Iran, One Elderly Woman Freed”

  1. Our Lord, help them all?

    Be with them. Let Your love shine in them, and through them, esp to them, that their abusers would see You are real, and are forgiving. Let your Name as the One and True Merciful One, be so obvious that the enemy of our souls, and theirs, would quickly send them back to their homes.

    Please Lord, these our brothers and sisters, are not loved by You less than YOu love us. Please, make their enemies "taste" "unappetizing" to all those holding keys keeping them confined. Please, make "that monster," especially, the demonic monster(s) holding them decide they are not worth "devouring," so that they would decide to release them as nothing worthy of their time or trouble to keep.

    Even as you did for Daniel. Amen

    Y'shua, I ask you to intercede for each one of them, and each one of their kin, with The Father who never says "no" to you, because you always ask of Him righteously. Only you know, can know, exactly what each of these our brethren really needs. Only You know all the things and people's cares in each of their lives.

    I ask You to pray (intercede) for them, as you did for the elderly woman already.


  2. What would the Muslim world say if Christian countries rounded up Muslim's in the same fashion, Bigotry and hate are taught. Look what the Muslim world teaches the rest of the world.

  3. Father be with them, protect them and as You deliver Peter from been killed by Herod deliver them Lord God almighty.

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