US Supreme Court declines opportunity to expand or restrict gun rights

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by Karen Faulkner, Worthy News Correspondent

(Worthy News) – The U.S. Supreme Court declined the opportunity Monday to issue a ruling that would either expand or restrict gun rights, Reuters reported. The Justices dismissed a National Rifle Association-backed lawsuit that challenged restrictions imposed on handgun owners by New York City. In an unsigned majority decision, the Justices said the case was moot as NYC had already lifted the restrictions that were objected to.

The petitioners claimed that their Second Amendment right to bear arms was violated by a New York City rule prohibiting the transport of firearms to a second home or shooting range outside the city. The District Court and the Court of Appeals had rejected the petition when the Conservative majority Supreme Court granted certiorari, a judicial review of the case.

The Justices noted that, after certiorari was granted, NYC amended its firearms licensing statute in July, such that the petitioners could now take their guns to a second home or shooting range: the petitioners had precisely the relief they had sought from the courts.

The petitioners claimed the new rule may still infringe their rights, as it appeared they could not stop for such things as having a coffee or using a restroom on their way out of the city. NYC, however, said such routine stops were entirely permissible under the new rule. The Justices said, “we do not here decide that dispute…”

Deciding the case was moot, the Justices sent the matter back to the lower courts to determine whether the petitioners can add a claim for damages incurred under the old rule.

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