Palestinian Authority reportedly arrested Palestinians who expressed support for Israeli annexation

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by Karen Faulkner, Worthy Correspondent (Worthy News) – The arrested a number of who expressed support for Israeli plans to annex parts of the , according to French News Agency AFP.  However, Palestinian Authority officials have denied the reports are true.

The Palestinian Authority (PA) has totally rejected the peace plan proposed by the administration earlier this year. If implemented, the Trump plan would form the basis of a and would authorize Israeli annexation of 30% of the West Bank, including large Jewish settlements there. According to a poll by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research, 88% of Palestinians oppose the US peace plan and 52% would be willing to renew armed conflict to block the advancement of Israeli annexation plans.

AFP said six men were arrested by the PA after appearing in an Israeli Channel 13 news report presented by Arab affairs correspondent Zvi Yehezkeli in early June. The news segment had featured a number of Palestinian residents saying they hoped to become Israeli citizens if the planned annexation went ahead, Fox News said.

One Palestinian man told AFP that he had been in custody for several weeks in regard to the matter, and would soon be appearing in court.

“I was surprised to see that even though I’ve blurred the faces of all the people I filmed and distorted their voices, the Authority has reached and arrested (some) of them, it’s just amazing,” Yehezkeli told AFP.

However, the Palestinian and the Palestinian Authority based in have flatly denied the reports. “We have not arrested anyone in connection with this case,” Palestinian Interior Ministry Spokesman Ghassan Nimr told AFP.

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