Another ancient church discovered in the Galilee

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by Karen Faulkner, Worthy News Correspondent

(Worthy News) – A 1,300 year-old church has been uncovered in the Galilee region of Israel, CBN News reported Wednesday. Working with the Kinneret Academic College, Israel’s Antiquity Authority discovered the church in the Circassian village of Kfar Kama.

Leading the excavation, Israeli archaeologist Nurit Feig described the church to CBN News as measuring 12 × 36 m, with “a large courtyard, a narthex foyer, and a central hall.” Researchers also discovered three rooms next to the church, which suggests the large site may have been a monastery.

“Particular to this church is the existence of three apses (prayer niches), while most churches were characterized by a single apse. The nave and the aisles were paved with mosaics which partially survived. Their colorful decoration stands out, incorporating geometric patterns, and blue, black, and red floral patterns. A special discovery was the small reliquary, a stone box used to preserve sacred relics,” Feig said.

Prof. Moti Aviam told CBN he believes this church may be connected to a church that was uncovered in the 1960s. Moti said the first church to be found was likely the village church, while the newest one “was probably part of a contemporary monastery on the outskirts of the village.”

According to experts, the newly excavated church was probably an important part of Christian life in the Byzantine period. It is situated close to Mount Tabor, which is where Christians believe Jesus was transfigured.

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