Study: COVID Reinfection Rare, More Common Over 65

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(Worthy News) – Surviving COVID-19 protects most people against reinfection for at least six months, but elderly patients are more likely to be laid low by the virus a second time, researchers reported Thursday.

An assessment of reinfection rates in Denmark last year showed that just over half a percent of people who tested positive for COVID during the first wave from March to May did so again during the second wave, from September to December.

Among these, the researchers found that initial infection with COVID-19 was likely to bestow 80% protection from reinfection among under-65s, but that dropped to just 47% in older people. [ Source: AFP (Read More…) ]

Only 50 people are known to have contracted COVID-19 more than once — but new strains have medical experts on high alert

There are about 60 confirmed cases of reinfection globally. That’s far less than 1% of the 112 million coronavirus cases reported around the world. BNO News, a Dutch news site, is tracking reinfections at a global level; it’s identified 57 confirmed cases of reinfection along with roughly 11,700 suspected or probable reinfections.

Reinfection is thought to occur when protective antibodies wane in people who have previously contracted the virus or in people who contracted the virus without developing antibodies. [ Source: MarketWatch (Read More…) ]

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