Sudanese Christians Attacked by the “Lord’s Resistance Army”

Friday, August 2, 2002 | Tag Cloud

Adjumani, Uganda – Sudanese Christian refugees living in the Maagi Refugee Camp in the Adjumani Resettlement area of Northern Uganda were attacked by 1200 members of the “Lord’s Resistance Army” on Wednesday, July 17th. Five refugees were killed and 200 were rendered homeless as LRA Rebels burned and looted over 180 homes. About 190,000 Sudanese refugees live in the Adjumani Resettlement District. The survivors of the attack sought refuge in an AIC church compound located in the camp. About 1800 Ugandan military personnel responded to the attack, engaging the LRA force at Atak, killing 36, and capturing 5 of the rebels. 18 Ugandan troops were killed in the battle. The Lord’s Resistance Army, a guerilla terrorist group headed by Joseph Kony, has been raiding throughout Northern Uganda and Southern Sudan for a number of years. The LRA enjoyed the support of the Governemnt of Sudan (GOF) in it’s war of attrition against the Southern Sudanese people. However, since September 11th, Khartoum’s support for the LRA terrorists has waned. The LRA continues to destabilize and threaten Northern Uganda. More attacks on the Christian community in the refugee camps of Adjumani and Kiryandango are expected.

The U.S. office of Operation Nehemiah Missions received an urgent message from Michael Longwa, Field Director for Operation Nehemiah in Kampala this morning asking for assistance in raising emergency relief funds to assist with the displaced refugees. Longwa estimates that at least $3,000 is needed immediately to provide relief. Operation Nehemiah Missions and Friends of Sudan have been cooperating in providing relief to the refugee camps in Northern Uganda, Kenya and the internally displaced people in Sudan. In May and June of this year a medical missions team refurbished a hospital compound in the Kiryandango Camp and delived $50,000 worth of medicine to Kiryandango and Adjuamni Camps. Donations may be sent to Operation Nehemiah Missions. E-mail William Levi, President, Operation Nehemiah Missions, @

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