Arkansas: Activists hang giant ‘God bless Abortions’ banner over 65ft Christ of the Ozarks statue

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by Karen Faulkner, Correspondent

(Worthy News) – On Thursday night, members of an activist group called Indecline entered property belonging to the Great Passion Play theater organization in Eureka Springs, , and draped a 45-foot banner reading “God Bless Abortions” over the 65-foot tall Christ of the Ozarks statue installed there. According to Great Passion Play, the activists risked their lives to hang the giant banner up, and the lives of those who then took the banner down, the Post reports.

The Christ of the Ozarks is maintained by The Great Passion Play, known as America’s No. 1 Attended Outdoor Drama: the play depicts the final days of Jesus Christ on the earth. “Every day we have between 1,000 and 1,500 people that will view the Christ statue and they’re coming to the Passion Play as a place to experience hope,” Kent Butler, director of operations at The Great Passion Play told the Christian Post.

On Thursday night, members of Indecline pretended to be construction workers and used climbing gear to hang the “God Bless Abortions” banner on the Christ of the Ozarks statue, an installation that has been described as a “symbol of hope.” In an Instagram post on Friday, Indecline said their action was “in direct response to the dramatic attempts being made in Arkansas and throughout the South, to ban services to women in need.”

“In Arkansas, there is only one 65-foot statue of Jesus,” Indirect said in their post. “There is also only one abortion clinic. No professional sports teams. Just a bunch of angry men with no outlets, writing outrageous laws about vaginas. That, and the second-highest rate (by state) of infant mortality. It’s hard to see how ‘pro-life’ can be so myopic in its vision of what life is.”

Addressing the banner incident in an email to Indirect, The Great Passion Play said: “You trespassed on our property and hung this drop cloth from the Christ of the Ozarks memorial statue and put your lives at risk as well as the people’s lives who took it down. You used our statue to further your platform, but we are thankful for the opportunity to share our mission. “We pray those who hung this banner are able to come and see Jesus hung on the cross in a production that has been seen by over 8 million people now.”

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