8.2 Earthquake Hits Alaska, Tsunami Alerts Canceled

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by Karen Faulkner, Worthy Correspondent

(Worthy News) -Alaska on Wednesday night was hit with one of the strongest earthquakes it has experienced since 1965, the Examiner reports. There were no reports of injuries or serious damage, although this was the third major to hit Alaska in the last 18 months.

Hitting at 10.15 pm local time, Wednesday’s earthquake had a magnitude of 8.2; its epicenter was 65 miles from the Alaskan Peninsula village of Perryville, the Examiner reports. Residents were told by the National Warning Center to remain aware of strong currents in the following hours, although tsunami alerts that were issued following the quake were canceled.

“All #Tsunami alerts for the #Alaska coastline have been canceled,” the National Tsunami Warning Center said. “Remember, strong and unusual currents may continue for several hours. If you have damage, please report it to your local officials. Stay safe, get some rest, and we’ll keep the watch for you. Good night.”

In a statement to CNN, Kodiak Mayor Pat Branson said: “We are now all clear and anxiously awaited for any announcement about a wave hitting [our] island. The Emergency Operations Council was up and working monitoring and informing the public of any updates. Citizens did [evacuate].”

Branson added: “We are all good and grateful now.”

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