US President Biden Warns Islamist State After Kabul Blasts Kill 13 American Troops, 60 Civilians

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By Stefan J. Bos, Chief International Correspondent

(Worthy News) – A visibly moved U.S. President addressed the nation Thursday, saying it “is a tough day” after the bloodiest attack in in a decade killed 13 American troops and scores of civilians around Kabul’s airport.

But Biden still defended coordinating with Afghanistan’s Islamist rulers to prevent attacks. “It is in their interest that we are able to leave on time” by August 31. “They are acting in their interest. No one trusts them; we just think it is in their self-interest. It is not a matter of trust. It is a matter of self-interest.”

He said there had been no evidence of collusion between the Taliban and the Islamist State, which claimed responsibility for the suicide blasts and shootings that killed 60 and injured 140 others.

Biden warned Islamist State that “we will hunt you down.” He earlier said: “We will not forgive, we will not forget, and we will make you pay.”

Biden accused former President Donald J. of leaving him with a troubled dossier though no attacks had been launched against Americans over the last eighteen months. “A former president Trump made a deal with the Taliban that we would leave by May 1 if they don’t attack Americans. That is why you did not have an attack,” Biden said when asked about the violence under his watch.

Despite the chaos, the president said evacuations would continue but admitted not everyone who wanted it would get out. “There are additional Afghans that have helped us and groups of individuals from women groups and NGOs who have gathered.”

Biden began the press briefing by saying that the “ Americans who gave their lives were heroes. They are the sound of America. They were part of an airlift not seen in history” of some 100,000 Americans and allies.”

He referred to the book Isaiah when speaking about the American . “Those who serve and have served said: “Here I am Lord, send me.” He told reporters: “I ask you to join me for a moment of silence. May God bless you; we have so much. We will complete our mission.”

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