Satanists Decry “Equal Rights” in Attempts to Fight Pro-Life Laws

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by Julia Pierce, Worthy Correspondent

(Worthy News) – groups have launched efforts to reverse the newly enacted pro-life laws in , Ohio, and other states, including a Utah measure that would outlaw most abortions in the event that the overturn Roe v. Wade which legalized .

These satanists groups, which were once hidden in the shadows, have been gaining attention of late; trying to appear less threatening and more egalitarian than as previously thought.

Contrary to popular belief, most satanists claim they do not actually worship the Devil. Rather, they hold him as a symbol of opposition to anything they deem as “arbitrary authority”, including, of course, the God of the . Based on this ideology, satanists claim to fight for equality in all things. For instance, satanic member, Michael Mars, says, “There’s nothing wrong with (having a nativity scene on government property)… if other religions can be accepted as well. There can’t be one dominating voice to all the voices.”

Naturally, satanists call for equality for all but the unborn child as they fight to keep restrictive abortion laws at bay. According to the Satanic Temple, even Ohio’s ruling that aborted fetal remains should be buried or cremated, violates their “deeply-held beliefs”, which indicate aborted babies should be incinerated with other medical waste.

With this kind of “equal rights” world view, Chalice Blythe, an ordained minister in the Satanic Temple, states, “These laws infringe on our religious rights to bodily autonomy and access to scientifically valid medical information and care.” She further states, “We’re making a stance that, as religious individuals protected under the First Amendment and protected by the Religious Freedoms Restoration Act, we should not be subjected to laws, state mandates, propaganda, and restricted access that violates our religious beliefs..”

Of course, the basis that their views are founded on science can be found wanting as Blythe states that the “personhood” of a zygote or fetus is a purely religious opinion. She says, “Satanists are guided by their religious views that personhood is dictated by scientifically sound facts, as well as their own personal experiences and values. We don’t conceptualize this procedure as killing a unique individual being that is separate from the pregnant person.” This statement in itself is contradictory as science and “personal experiences” often do not align.

Thus far, the Satanic Temple has been largely disappointed with its successes in affecting legislation. For instance, the temple attempted and failed to take down a law that requires abortion clinics to provide pamphlets that state the procedure “will terminate the life of a separate, unique, living human being.”

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