Uncovered Ancient Town In Israel A ‘Voice Of Fall Temple’

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By Stefan J. Bos, Chief International Correspondent Worthy News

(Worthy News) – Israel’s authority regulating excavation has called a discovered ancient town “a direct voice” from the fall of Jerusalem’s Temple.

The Israel Antiquities Authority says the archeological finds in Israel underscores that Yavne was a retreat for Jewish authorities after Jerusalem was overrun during a rebellion against Roman rule.

“This is a direct voice from the past, from the period when the Jewish leadership salvaged the remaining fragments from the fall of the (Jerusalem) Temple,” the Authority stressed in a statement

The excavation unearthed ruins of a building with cups made of chalkstone, a material deemed appropriate for Jewish religious rites, officials said.

They pointed to the presence of the exiled Sanhedrin legislative assembly, the Israel Antiquities Authority added.

Cited by the Roman historian Josephus, Yavne reportedly served as the focal point of Jewish activity.

Jewish scripture says the Sanhedrin was reconstituted there with Roman consent during a rebellion that led to the second century fighting in Jerusalem.

Now centuries later, archeologists hope to uncover more details about another chapter in the ancient history of Israel.

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