Texas pastor forgives church vandal; Christmas services continued despite damage

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by Karen Faulkner, Correspondent

(Worthy News) – The pastor of Our Savior Lutheran in Austin, has extended forgiveness to a vandal who caused between $100,000 – $300,000 damage to the church building on Christmas Eve, CBN reports. Pastor Eric Borchers said the attack would not stop his congregation from enjoying Christmas services as parishioners rallied to clean up the damage.

Church cameras show a man arriving at Our Savior Lutheran Church at 6 am on December 24, carrying a metal pole, CBN reports. The man then proceeded to smash the church windows using the pole.

Taking to after discovering the damage, Brochers said in a video: ”The church has been vandalized on Christmas Eve. That really kind of stinks. By the grace of God, it definitely ties in with a world that is in chaos for the message tonight here. Have a Merry Christmas because this is not going to stop us.” The pastor then called on the community to come and help get the church ready again for Christmas.

CBN reports that the church security camera footage showed the vandal whistling as he left the scene. Upon seeing this, Brochers reportedly assumed the man was not in his right mind when he carried out the attack.

Asserting that he forgives the vandal, Brochers added in a statement: “It is what it is, and I hope he is okay. And I hope he is safe.”

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