Detained Pastor Denied Bail In Canada

By Stefan J. Bos, Chief International Correspondent

OTTAWA (Worthy News) – A prominent Poland-born pastor has been denied bail as Canadian authorities appear increasingly worried about his opposition to restrictions.

Street Pastor Artur Pawlowski from Calgary in Alberta province poses too much “of a threat” to Canadian society and has denied him bail, the provincial court said.

‘I have concluded that the Crown’s … grounds (for seeking detention) are substantial and that there is a substantial likelihood that the accused will if released from custody, continue offending, or interfering with the administration of justice,’ added provincial court, Judge Erin Olsen

His preaching of the of Jesus Christ and feeding the poor was judged as being “in the fall of civilization,” trial observers claimed.

Pawlowski, 48, faces criminal charges of “breaching a release order to keep the peace” and committing “mischief by inciting others” to block the lawful use of public property. He also faces a charge under the provincial Critical Defence Act.

The pastor is “held without bail pending trial on charges related to allegations he incited protesters to continue an ongoing blockade of the Coutts border crossing,” the court stressed.

Crown prosecutor Steven Johnston had established sufficient grounds to order his ongoing detention, the court claimed.

Judge Olsen said Pawlowski couldn’t rely on ’s right to to say anything “which might incite others to criminal activity” or claim that it was constitutionally protected.

Olsen adjourned Pawlowski’s case for three weeks.

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