US: Jewish communities report 18 bomb threats in March

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by Karen Faulkner, Worthy Correspondent

(Worthy News) – There have been at least 18 bomb threats reported by Jewish Community Centers (JCCs) and synagogues in nine US states since the beginning of March, the Post reports. News of the threats was published in a report by the Jewish Secure Community Network (SCN), which said the situation required US Jews to be alert and to protect themselves.

In its own response to the bomb scares, the SCN said it is working with community leaders and law enforcement officers to deal with the issue, JPost said. The SCN recently called a meeting with executive directors of 100 Jewish community centers and with and US Department of Homeland officials to discuss an appropriate response. “This significant wave of threats is yet another call to action for the Jewish community to be as prepared and protected as possible,” SCN National Director and CEO Michael Masters told JPost.

Explaining that, like Synagogues, JCCs are highly visible as Jewish meeting places, Doron Krakow, president, and CEO of JCC Association told JPost: “Jewish Community Centers are the central Jewish address in 170 neighborhoods, towns, and cities across North America, frequented by both the Jewish community and many others who are drawn to our programs.”

FBI officials have said their investigation into the bomb threats is a high priority for them, and the SCN confirmed the bureau is working closely with them to get to the bottom of the matter, JPost reports.

“Through our National Jewish Security Operations Command Center and the network of professional security directors working on behalf of the Jewish community, we are coordinating closely with community partners, local, state, and federal law enforcement – notably the FBI – to identify and stop the perpetrators of these threats,” SCN’s Masters attested.

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