‘British Boy May Be Forced To Die’

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By Stefan J. Bos, Chief International Correspondent Worthy News

LONDON (Worthy News) – The Christian Legal Centre (CLC) says it helps the family of a twelve-year-old British boy in a critical condition amid concerns he may be forced to die.

“The family wants to give Archie Battersbee every chance of life,” the advocacy group told Worthy News. “Specialists treating Archie at the Royal London Hospital believe it is ‘highly likely’ that he is already brain dead,” the CLC added.

Archie – a keen boxer and gymnast – has not regained consciousness after suffering brain damage in a tragic accident four weeks ago at their home in Southend, in Essex county.

The hospital said it asked a judge from the Family Division of the High Court to assess the situation and rule Thursday in Archie’s “best interests.”

The CLC fears a court ruling could add to its suffering of Archie. “There have been several high profile cases where courts decided that treatment and or nutrition can be withdrawn from a patient, supposedly in their best interests.”

“This can force the patient to die, even when another hospital is willing to take over care – all because a judge rules it’s in their best interest,” the group warned.


Archie’s family is not convinced that he is brain dead, Worthy News learned. They reportedly experienced behavior “that contradicts” what the hospital first told them.

His parents, Hollie Dance and Paul Battersbee, raised concerns about the doctors’ proposals to ask a court to decide his treatment. “Archie had a severe brain injury only four weeks ago There’s not been enough time to see what he can do,” stressed Dance, who initially found her son unconscious at home following what was described as a “freak accident.”

“I’ve refused the brain stem testing to declare him brain dead. It’s too soon,” she said. “He has squeezed my fingers with a tight grip. I think that’s his way of letting me know he’s still here and just needs more time.”

British Boxers David Haye and Ricky Hatton posted videos of support, and crowdfund efforts reportedly raised at least more than 14,000 pounds ($17,100) so far in donations. Since Archie went into the hospital, his sister Lauren started a page on the social media outlet Instagram where people can follow his treatment.

“The family has also seen stories of remarkable recoveries from similar conditions in other patients,” the CLC explained. “They simply ask the hospital to give them the medical information that shows Archie cannot recover. And to continue treating Archie in the meantime,” the group told Worthy News.

The CLC urged devoted Christians to “Please pray for Archie, his family, the legal team, hospital, and judge – that we’d see a good resolution to this very difficult situation.”

It comes amid a broader debate about when life begins and should end in the Western world, including Britain, with discussions focused on easing abortion and euthanasia legislation.

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