California school district allows After School Satan Club on elementary school premises

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by Karen Faulkner, Worthy News Correspondent

(Worthy News) – A California school district is allowing the Satanic Temple organization to host an After School Satan Club on the premises of one of its local elementary schools, the Christian Post (CP) reports. The Satanic Temple claims it is a nontheistic organization that seeks to teach social justice through satanic imagery.

Despite protests from parents and grandparents of children enrolled at the school, the Golden Hills Elementary School in Tehachapi, California, has given permission for the After School Satan Club (sponsored by the Satanic Temple and the Reason Alliance nonprofit religious pluralism group) to meet on its grounds campus starting in December, CP reports.

In a written statement to The Christian Post, Tehachapi Unified School District Superintendent Stacey Larson-Everson said Wednesday that the school district is now allowed to discriminate against any group that wants to use its facilities.

“TUSD does not endorse any of the groups or content affiliated with groups that host after-school events on District property. The ASSC is not a District approved student club,” Larson-Everson wrote.

“TUSD has long-held policies and procedures in place which allow varied community groups to use our publicly-funded facilities outside of the school day,” Larson-Everson continued. “This is a common practice among school districts around the state and nation. Religious groups are among those that the District has allowed to rent our facilities over the years.”

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