Billionaire Musk Says Apple Threatens Twitter

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By Stefan J. Bos, Chief International Correspondent

NEW YORK (Worthy News) – Self-declared “free speech absolutist,” Elon Musk says smartphone giant Apple has halted most of its advertising on Twitter, the social platform he purchased for $44 billion.

Musk, viewed by critics as an eccentric billionaire for allowing former President Donald J. Trump and other controversial conservative users to return to Twitter, has accused Apple of seeking to remove his platform from its store for applications.

The feud comes as many companies have halted spending on Twitter, citing concerns about Musk’s moderation plans for the site.

In a series of posts on Twitter, Musk accused Apple of  “censorship” and criticized its policies, including charges on purchases made on its App Store.

Apple can charge what it likes for the privilege of being on the App Store from where users can download applications, or apps, for their smartphones and other devices.

For companies like Twitter, it can charge anywhere from 15-30 percent for in-app payments.

Despite the tensions that could potentially undermine Twitter operations, Twitter boss Musk says new user signups on the social media platform are at an “all-time high.”

Signups have been averaging over two million per day since November 16, up 66 percent compared to the same week in 2021, Musk said in a tweet over the weekend.

Previously banned commentators, including some Christian and conservative publishers, want to use Twitter to reach many of its estimated 450 million monthly active users.

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