Survey shows 40% of Israeli Americans will settle in the US

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by Karen Faulkner, Worthy News Correspondent

(Worthy News) – A new survey by the Israeli American Council (IAC) shows that 40% of Israeli-Americans plan to settle in the US and not return to live in Israel, the Jerusalem Post reports. According to the IAC, there are currently 800,000 Israeli citizens and their families living in the US.

Founded 15 years ago as a service for a relatively small number of ex-pat Israelis living in the Los Angeles area, the IAC has notably burgeoned to become one of the fastest-growing Jewish organizations in America, JPost reports.

“Most Israeli Americans plan to return to Israel at a certain point, but there are many who have decided to stay in the US,” IAC CEO Shoham Nicolet said in a statement to JPost. “This has a huge impact in the essence of community building since if these Israelis have decided to stay in the US, it means that they have to look at their children’s future and plan accordingly,” Nicolet said.

The largest Israeli communities in the US are located in Los Angeles, New York, and Florida, as are the largest American Jewish communities, JPost reports. Northern California is another popular location for Israeli Americans to settle in, and many Israeli groups live around large universities, Nicolet said.

“We know that every community has its advantages. In a place like Boston, there is more biotech and academics. New York has many Israelis in finance, and there are many startups in Silicon Valley,” Nicolet told JPost.

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