‘Israel Raids Refugee Camp After Militant Attacks; Several Killed’

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By Stefan J. Bos, Chief International Correspondent Worthy News

JERUSALEM/JENIN (Worthy News) – Israeli forces raided the Palestinian Jenin refugee camp in the Israeli-controlled West Bank after threats by militants, killing as many as 13 Palestinians, several sources said.

Palestinian authorities claimed among the victims was an elderly woman and added that Israeli forces used “tear gas inside a hospital children’s ward.”

However, Israeli media said Israel had acted to foil “planned terrorist attacks” by Islamic militants and their allies.

The operation involved the Israel Security Agency, known locally as Shin Bet, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), and the police, Israeli sources said.

Israel said the nine Palestinians were killed in a significant battle with the IDF, which tried to thwart “planned terror attacks” and capture at least three known Islamic Jihad terrorists.

The Jerusalem Post newspaper said reports and video footage suggested that the IDF tried to sneak into Jenin undercover using a refrigerator supply truck.

However, some Palestinians reportedly found the truck suspicious and opened fire on it, blowing the cover.


Palestinian Health Minister May Al-Kaila said paramedics struggled to reach the wounded amid the fighting.

She also accused the military of firing tear gas at the pediatric ward of a hospital, causing children to choke.

The IDF denied wrongdoing but pledged to look into reports that at least one elderly Palestinian female civilian was “accidentally” killed during the extended firefight.

Israel’s military also said they approached a home where “three terrorists” hid. Two of them allegedly ran out of the residence while armed and were killed by IDF forces.

A third wanted terrorist surrendered, and a fourth armed Palestinian there attempted to engage Israeli security forces but was also killed, Israeli media reported.

The IDF anti-explosive experts entered the residence and safely exploded two bombs the terrorists had in their possession, The Jerusalem Post reported.

Israeli officials said they expect more violence in the region following Thursday’s raid.

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