White House Calls Shot Down UFOs “Benign”

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By Stefan J. Bos, Chief International Correspondent Worthy News

WASHINGTON (Worthy News) – The White House suggests that Americans shouldn’t lose sleep over unidentified flying objects (UFOs) shot down recently over North American airspace because they were “benign.”

White House spokesman John Kirby clarified there was no indication the three UFOs blasted out of the sky over the weekend by the U.S. were linked to Chinese or Russian spying.

The objects may be “tied to commercial or research entities and therefore benign,” Kirby added.

However, U.S. and Canadian officials did not yet locate or recover any wreckage from the three downed aircraft, raising questions among critics over President Joe Biden’s security credentials.

Additionally, cockpit recordings confirmed that two U.S. Air Force pilots had difficulty tracking at least one unknown object they shot down over Lake Huron in Canada on Sunday.

They could even be heard debating whether it was a balloon. One of the Air Force F-16 jets missed its first shot at the object over Lake Huron before a second Sidewinder missile struck the target.

Yet these and two other objects shot down in recent days may be less of a security threat than previously thought, Kirby claimed.


“Our initial assessments here, based on talking to civil authorities in the intelligence community, is that we don’t see anything that points right now to these being part of the [People’s Republic of China] PRC spying program. Or, in fact, intelligence collection against the United States of any kind,” Kirby stressed.

Earlier, the U.S. Air Force general overseeing North American airspace said Sunday he was not ruling out aliens after the shoot-downs of unidentified objects.

Asked whether he ruled out an extraterrestrial origin for three floating objects downed by warplanes in as many days, General Glen VanHerck said: “I’ll let the intel community and the counterintelligence community figure that out.”

Beijing earlier accused the United States of “a trigger-happy overreaction” after the U.S. destroyed a suspected Chinese spy balloon before downing the three UFOs.

China denied the massive orb, destroyed by a U.S. fighter jet earlier this month off South Carolina, was being used for espionage. Beijing claimed it was merely a weather-monitoring airship that had blown off course.

Several Republicans have criticized Biden for his initial reluctance to shoot down the balloon and said he should have informed the public earlier. The Biden administration claimed shooting down the balloon earlier could have endangered people’s lives on the ground.

But questions remained as to why the balloon remained undetected for days and could enter U.S. airspace.

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