Bird Flu Spreads Worldwide Threatening Food Supplies

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By Stefan J. Bos, Chief International Correspondent Worthy News

BUDAPEST (Worthy News) – There was concern a Wednesday that the Avian flu, better known as Bird flu, was spreading across the world, threatening global food supplies.

In European Union member state Hungary, where Worthy News agency has an international bureau, authorities confirmed the reappearance of Bird bird flu virus at a farm in southern Bács- Kiskun County.

Authorities said they had begun the culling of some 500 geese at the farm in an attempt to prevent the spread of the disease.

Yet it was a small example of similar challenges farmers face worldwide, with veterinarians and disease experts warning it is now a year-round problem.

Experts and farmers on four continents say the prevalence of the virus in the wild signals that record outbreaks will not abate soon on poultry farms, “ramping up threats to the world’s food supply.”

They warned that farmers must view the disease as a severe risk all year instead of focusing prevention efforts during spring migration seasons for wild birds.


Officials say that the United States, Britain, France, and Japan are among the countries that have suffered record losses of poultry over the past year, leaving some farmers feeling helpless.

The U.S. state of Indiana lost more than 200,000 turkeys and other birds over the past year, while total U.S. deaths top 58 million birds, according to U.S. government data, surpassing the previous 2015 record.

Prices of eggs are rising in several parts of the world, making the protein-carrying pieces out of reach to the world’s poorest.

While Bird flu can infect people, especially those with contact with infected birds, the World Health Organization says the risk to humans is low.

Some experts blame the spreading disease on climate change, which they say impacts the wild birds’ trajectory. Others blame intense, massive farming for its spread.

Whatever the reason, “It’s a new war,” said Bret Marsh, the state veterinarian in the U.S. state of Indiana. “It’s basically a 12-month vigil.”

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