Six galaxies challenge theories about how the universe was formed

Friday, February 24, 2023 | Tag Cloud

(Worthy News) – A newly published research paper presented the discovery of six galaxies that are too young and too dense to be explained by previous theories about how the universe was formed. In the words of one scientist, “It’s bananas!”

According to astrophysicists, the universe came into existence 13.8 billion years ago as a result of the Big Bang, a theory that the universe expanded from an initial state of high density and temperature. According to this theory, the earliest galaxies did not form until 350 million years later. These galaxies were relatively small, containing perhaps 100 million stars. Our galaxy, dubbed the Milky Way, is relatively young and correspondingly larger, containing an estimated minimum of 100 billion stars.

But these theories are being challenged by the discovery of six new galaxies by researchers using the James Webb Space Telescope. The research, published in the Nature journal on Wednesday, reported that the newly discovered galaxies appeared 540-700 million years after the Big Bang but contain tens of billions of stars, if not more. [ Source: Israel365 (Read More…) ]

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