NATO Prepares Largest Drill Since Cold War

Thursday, September 14, 2023 | Tag Cloud


By Stefan J. Bos, Chief International Correspondent Worthy News

BRUSSELS/BUDAPEST (Worthy News) – In a warning to Russia, the U.S.-led NATO alliance will conduct its largest military exercise since the Cold War involving tens of thousands of troops, officials confirmed Thursday.

Thirty-one NATO countries and Sweden, which seeks to join the military alliance, are participating next year in the Steadfast Defender exercise.

The military maneuvers are part of NATO’s rapid push to transform from a crisis response to a war-fighting alliance, prompted by the invasion of Ukraine, Worthy News learned.

About 41,000 military personnel, 500 to 700 air combat missions, and more than 50 ships from all NATO member states and Sweden are expected to participate in the drill.

They will openly practice repelling Russian aggression against one of the alliance’s members, Britain’s Financial Times newspaper reported.

The NATO troops will train to “counter terrorist threats” beyond the borders of the alliance’s member states, sources said.

As preparations for the exercise were underway, NATO member states have begun extensive drills along the northern coast of the Baltic Sea.

They are reportedly rehearsing maneuvers the military alliance would carry out in case of a Russian attack.

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