US: Revival breaking out at Historically Black Universities

As several other Christian colleges follow in the steps of the spontaneous revival meetings which first broke out at Kentucky’s Asbury Christian University last month, reports are coming in that students at a number of secular Historically Black Universities are also being suddenly drawn toward God, CBN News reports.

A further 41 Texas churches leave UMC over LGBTQ stance

A further 41 conservative congregations in Texas have now left The United Methodist Church amid ongoing disagreement over the Bible’s teaching on same-sex marriage and the ordination of openly gay and trans clergy, the Christian Post (CP) reports.

England: Large Anglican church to stop payments to Diocese in split over LGBT blessing ceremonies

A large Anglican church in Oxford, UK has announced it will stop making payments to its Church of England diocese because the denomination’s General Synod voted last month to allow clergy to perform blessings for same-sex marriages, Christian Today reports. In its announcement, the St Ebbe’s church in Oxford, England, said its communion with the Oxford diocese bishops was fractured over the partial acceptance of LGBT marriages. Accordingly, the church will be diverting payments to a trust fund instead.

Just 4% of US adults now hold worldview based on Bible, report shows

A new study shows that the percentage of US adults with a worldview based on the Bible dropped to just 4% during the pandemic, Christian Headlines reports. Part of the 2023 American Worldview Inventory, the study was led by George Barna at the Cultural Research Center of Arizona Christian University.

Suffering Churches Help Earthquake Victims

Suffering churches in one of the areas hardest hit by last month’s devastating earthquakes in Turkey and Syria are still “delivering aid and letting people know they are not forgotten,” a spokesperson said Thursday.

Christian students travel to share the Gospel and God’s love on college campuses

Students from Cedarville Christian university in Ohio have been traveling to share the love of God and the message of salvation at other colleges, especially at Michigan State University which has been grieving the loss of three students killed in a mass shooting earlier this month, the Christian Post (CP) reports.

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