Gunmen Kill Nuns In South Sudan

Pope Francis has offered condolences to victims’ families after two Catholic nuns were shot and killed along a highway in South Sudan.

Slaughter of Christians in Africa continues

Hundreds of Christians have been slaughtered by Islamic terrorists in at least three African countries in recent weeks, CBN News reports. Christian communities in Nigeria, South Sudan, and Cameroon have been targeted by terrorists from different groups, including Boko Haram and Fulani militants.

South Sudan Withdraws from Disputed Border

South Sudan announced today it would withdraw its troops from the disputed border territory its forces recently acquired, thereby avoiding an all-out war with neighboring Sudan.

Sudan Forces Its Christians Out

Thousands of Christians stripped of their citizenship are now being forced out of Sudan in the wake of the South’s secession back in January 2011.

Christians in Sudan, South Sudan Facing Death and Detention

Christians in Sudan and newly created South Sudan face possible detention, beatings and even death amid a “deteriorating humanitarian situation” with thousands of people being killed this year alone, aid workers and Christians said in statements obtained by Worthy News Sunday, January 22.

New South could have consequences for Christians in North Sudan

Amid all the news over the world’s newest nation, South Sudan, Carl Moeller of Open Doors fears something was overlooked.

“We are rejoicing that there are increased freedoms in the South,” said Moeller, “but we have to ask the question: What about the Christians in the North?”

Attacks Against Sudanese Civilians in Southern Sudan Overwhelm a Small Hospital in Nimule

Sudanese civilians living in the Western Nile Region of Southern Sudan have been deliberately targeted and displaced by Islamic Government Forces and militia (see “U.S. condemns abuses against civilians in Sudan” Associated Press, 2/11/03). Many have fled to the town of Nimule, where Operation Nehemiah operates a newly acquired hospital.

Commission’s first hearing focuses on U.S. role in Sudanese conflict

WASHINGTON (BP)–The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom received in its first hearing a variety of recommendations on halting the religious persecution and civil war in Sudan, but there seemed to be widespread agreement on one sentiment — the United States can do more.

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