Myanmar: Save the Children aid group says two members missing since Christmas Eve massacre

The international Save the Children aid organization reported Saturday that two of its members were missing in Myanmar after the Burmese Army (Tatmadaw) murdered 35 civilians on Friday and burned the bodies beyond recognition, the Washington Times reports. The slaughter on Christmas Eve was the latest atrocity committed by the Tatmadaw in seeking to control Myanmar and impose Buddhism as the national religion.

Burmese military jets burn Christian villages

The Burmese military allowed its jets to open fire on four Christian villages in the predominantly Buddhist country in March, killing 21 people and forcing thousands of others to flee to a neighboring region.

Rebel Force Attacks Churches in Burma

Ethnic Wa rebels this month shut down churches or destroyed their buildings and temporarily detained several clergymen in eastern Burma (Myanmar), sources said.

Burma Government Admits Bombing Christian Kachin

Burma’s government admitted Thursday, January 3, that the military is involved in airstrikes against the mainly Christian Kachin, a week after Worthy News and other media carried reports about a massive offensive in the north of the country.

Report: Burma Army Attacks Church, Christian Conference

Burma’s military ransacked a Baptist church and broke up a Christian conference of the predominantly Christian Chin community in the latest confrontation between government forces and ethnic minorities, Christian investigators told Worthy News.

Burma Troops ‘Kill, Torture’ Christian Kachins Despite Ceasefire Pledge

Burmese troops kill or torture civilians and destroy churches and even entire villages of the predominantly Christian Kachin minority despite pledges from Burma’s nominally civilian government that it seeks ceasefire agreements with ethnic groups, investigators said Sunday, February 12.

Burma Kachin Christians Flee Deadly Attacks; Fighting Spreading

Churches and Buddhist monasteries in a mining area of Burma’s northern Kachin state have taken in nearly 1,000 refugees, many of them Christians, since New Year’s Day, after the Burmese military reportedly attacked a church and killed several people, Worthy News established Tuesday, January 10.

Burmese Military Unit Arrests Pastor

A government military unit assigned to clear a road assaulted and then arrested five men including a pastor of the Catholic Association.

Burmese army accused of commandeering Kachin Church

Kachin Christians have accused Burma’s military of violating their religious rights after government troops seized control of a church in Kachin State, transforming it into a military outpost complete with fortifications, trenches and land mines.

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