Hindu Nationalists Storm India Church

Indian Christians have urged prayers after Hindu nationalists stormed a church in Delhi during Sunday prayers, vandalized it, and attacked believers.

India: 400 violent attacks on Christians in first half of 2023

A new study published by the United Christian Forum (UCF) shows there were 400 violent attacks on Christians in India in the first half of this year alone, the Christian Post reports. Documenting a surge in violence against Christians in India, the study shows the month of June saw an average of three attacks per day.

India: Dramatic escalation of violence in Manipur, 58 dead, 50 churches burned

Christian leaders in India’s Manipur state have accused the Hindu nationalist government of supporting the violent attacks carried out by ethnic Hindu Meitei rioters, which began last week, and which have now resulted in the destruction of 50 churches and the deaths of 58 people, many of whom were Christians, the Christian Post (CP) reports. 

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