Laos: Villagers force Christians to leave their homes

Twelve Christians were driven out of their home by village neighbors in the Buddhist-majority Asian country of Laos, Radio Free Asia (RFA) reports. Laos ranks 26 on the US Open Doors Watch List 2022 of top 50 countries where Christians are persecuted.

Laos pastor released after a year in prison

Authorities in Laos have released a Christian pastor who was imprisoned for a year for holding church services without a permit, Mission Network News reports. Laos currently ranks 22 on the Open Doors Watch List of countries that persecute Christians.

Laos authorities release Pastor jailed for holding worship services

Authorities in Laos have released a pastor who was jailed early last year for refusing to halt worship services at the church he founded in the southeast Asian country, International Christian Concern reports. Pastor Sithon Thippavong was freed on April 9 after just over a year in prison.

Lao believer dies after denied meds in prison

A Laotian Christian who was jailed after praying for a convert to Christ has recently died from complications after he was denied medicine while imprisoned for nine months.

Seven Christians Arrested in Laos

Local officials in Laos have arrested seven Christians for worshiping together on Sunday, according to Morning Star News.

Lao Officials Threaten Christians

The ruling authorities of several villages in Laos have been threatening to banish Christians unless they renounce their faith in Jesus.

Lao Police Arrest Pastors for copying Christian CDs

Savannakhet province police arrested and detained three Christian pastors for evangelizing after they made copies of a Christian CD in a local shop in the Phin district market.

Laos Detains Thai, Lao Christians for Bible Study

Lao authorities have jailed four Christians, including two Thai citizens, in northern Laos after they were caught explaining the Bible to at least one Lao man, their supporters told Worthy News.

Laos Detains Pastor For Spreading Christianity

Police in northern Laos have detained a pastor “for attracting people to the Christian faith” as part of a wider crackdown on evangelism in the region, a representative told Worthy News Saturday, June 9.

Crackdown on Churches “Spreading” in Southern Laos

A government crackdown on churches in southern Laos is spreading to a new district with the brief detention of two “prominent pastors” for alleged unauthorized worship and their involvement in evangelism and an order take down crosses, representatives told Worthy News.

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