Sri Lanka: Authorities order churches to close

Local authorities in separate districts of Sri Lanka recently ordered two churches to close down, on the grounds that the congregations’ Christian activities are offensive to their communities, Voice of the Martyrs Canada (VOM) reports. Sri Lanka’s constitution gives preferential status to Buddhism, and demands by the authorities for churches to close are not uncommon.

Sri Lanka’s Pentecostal Christians Harassed

A Pentecostal congregation in Sri Lanka’s North Central Province has been told to end worship services because Buddhist monks oppose its activities, Christians said late Thursday.

Sri Lanka eyes “anti-conversion” law that could harm Christians

The Prime Minister of Sri Lanka is calling for the establishment of an “anti-conversion” law he claims will “save this country” from the phenomenon of people converting from Buddhism to other religions, Christians say as a pretext for persecution.

321 Killed in Sri Lankan IS Attacks

Christians in Sri Lanka are reeling from a series of coordinated attacks Sunday that killed 323 people and injured 500 others.

Sri Lanka: Mob stops Christian burial

A bereaved Christian family in Sri Lanka was prevented from burying their loved one after an angry mob prevented them from holding the funeral in a nearby cemetery.

Buddhists Launch Anti-Christian Campaign

Buddhist group has launched a four-day campaign against “Christian fundamentalism” to stop their religious activities in Sri Lanka, according to Barnabas Aid.

Sri Lanka: Pastor and Wife Attacked for Defending Right to Worship

Eleven monks from the nationalist Buddhist Strength Force lobby led a violent mob of 250 villagers who physically assaulted the family of the pastor of Holy Family Church in Asgiriya, Sri Lanka, on Feb. 16, according to Christian Today Australia.

Gospel for Asia Responds to Deadly Tsunami

CARROLLTON, Texas, Dec. 27, 2004 (Gospel for Asia) — Gospel for Asia workers are rushing food, clothing, medical supplies-and the love of God-to millions of Asians still in deep shock from a disaster spawned by the most powerful earthquake in 40 years.

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