Christian content censored on popular workplace app

One of China’s most popular workplace communication apps has censored the account of a Christian woman because she posted what it described as “illegal” religious messages, International Christian Concern (ICC) reports.

Prayers For Jailed Chinese Church Elders

Christians say they “appreciate prayers” for two jailed elders of an independent church in China’s southwestern province of Sichuan as one of them met a lawyer six months after his arrest.

Christians Marry Despite China Crackdown

A Christian couple that was forced to postpone their wedding after Chinese authorities prevented ceremonies were eventually able to marry in southwestern China, Christians confirmed.

China Prevents Christian Wedding

A Christian couple in southwest China was forced to cancel their wedding after Chinese authorities learned it would include a celebration
attended by members and leaders of their church who were later detained, Christians confirmed to Worthy News.

China: Christian coupled jailed and penniless for selling the Bible

A court in China has not only sentenced a Christian couple to seven years in prison for selling the Bible Christian books without permission but has also imposed such punitive fines on the pair that they have been left penniless and with no means to support their four children, Union of Catholic Asian (UCA) News reports.

Xi Jinping: China doesn’t need “preachers” on human rights

China’s President Xi Jinping told the UN this week that his country doesn’t need ‘preachers’ to ‘boss’ it around on the issue of human rights, Fox Metro News (FMN) reports. Xi made his remark during a video call with United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet, despite facing accusations of gross human rights violations against the Uyghur and other Muslim minorities, and of systematically suppressing Christianity nationwide.

China introducing new financial regulations in clampdown on churches

Continuing its clampdown on churches and other minority religious organizations, China’s communist regime is bringing in new regulations for governing the management of revenues, local and foreign donations and expenses of religious organizations, the Barnabas Fund reports.

China Bans Popular Christian Website In Crackdown

One of China’s most popular Christian websites has been closed down by the ruling Chinese Communist Party as part of its ongoing crackdown on Christianity, well-informed Christians confirmed Thursday.

China shuts down well-established Christian website

China’s ruling Communist Party (CCP) has shut down a well-established Christian website as part of a nationwide “Sinicization” program designed to promote Chinese patriotism and make religious groups submit to CCP ideology, International Christian Concern (ICC) reports.

China: Authorities trace and harass baptismal party

Authorities in China used technology to trace and harass members of the Shenzhen Trinity Gospel Harvest Church after they carried out Easter baptisms in the sea by Shenzhen city earlier this month, the Christian Post reports.

Chinese Christian in US to give evidence of abuses in Xinjiang detention camp

A Christian citizen of China has arrived in the US to provide evidence supporting a case submitted to the International Criminal Court that China has committed crimes against humanity at its detention camps in Xinjiang, Axios reports. Detained and tortured in a Xinjiang camp for 10 months, Ovalbek Turdakun gave thanks to God after he and his wife and child arrived safely in Washington DC on April 8.

China Releases Street Evangelist

Chinese authorities have released a street evangelist who the Chinese Communist Party detained for evangelism in central China, Worthy News learned Thursday.

China: New law suppresses Christian activity online

China has now put into effect a new law that bars people of faith such as evangelical Christians from conducting online activities without a government-issued license, International Christian Concern (ICC) reports.

China: Evangelist detained for trying share Gospel with Xi Jinping

A Christian woman in China has again been put in detention for trying to share the Gospel with the leader of China’s ruling communist party, President Xi Jinping, International Christian Concern (ICC) reports. Evangelist Zhou Jinxia has tried repeatedly to share her faith with the communist leader and has been jailed on previous occasions for her efforts.

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