Church of England considers referencing God in gender-neutral terms

The Church of England has confirmed it is examining the possibility of changing its liturgy to reference God in gender-neutral terms instead of as “Father,” “Him,” and “He,” the New York Post (NYP) reports. However, the denomination has said there are no plans to make changes to the current liturgy at present, and any future change would require “extensive legislation.”

Church of England: homosexual couples cannot marry in church but clergy can hold blessings for same-sex civil partnerships

The Church of England has announced it cannot change its doctrine to allow same-sex couples to be married in the church but proposes that clergy may voluntarily choose to hold blessing ceremonies for homosexual couples in civil marriages, the Guardian UK reports. The “historic plans” announced on Wednesday represent a form of compromise after decades of anguished debate within the Church of England over the acceptance of homosexuality.

England: National Health Service settles case with Christian doctor who spoke about Jesus with a patient

England’s National Health Service (NHS) agreed at the eleventh hour to settle a case brought by a Christian doctor who was subjected to severe disciplinary measures for mentioning his faith in Jesus to a patient, Christian Today (CT) reports. Dr Richard Scott was due to challenge the NHS action in a tribunal in Kent on Monday but before the hearing, the NHS agreed to settle the case.

Franklin Graham wins UK legal case, will preach in Northern England

US preacher Franklin Graham has won a UK legal case brought by British LGBT activists who accused him of promoting homophobia, and will now be able to hold an event in Sheffield, England in May, the BBC reports. The parties agreed to a confidential settlement, with no admission of liability on either side.

UK prosecution service drops charges against street preacher

The UK’s prosecution service has dropped charges brought against a street preacher who refused to stop his outdoor ministry during England’s first COVID-19 lockdown last year, Christian Concern (CC) reports. Christian street lay minister Mike Overd was due to appear in court this month after police issued him with a fine for preaching and offering prayer and Bibles in Somerset, southern England on April 2, 2020.

UK court says Christian preacher has no case to answer

A UK court has dismissed the case against a female Christian street preacher who was charged with causing “harassment, alarm and distress” while preaching a message from the Bible outside a London subway station last year, Christian Concern (CC) reports. The Highbury Corner Magistrates Court ruled last month that preacher Hazel Lewis had “no case to answer.”

Pastor arrested in the UK for preaching Biblical values in public

A 70-year-old British Pastor was arrested in London last month for publically preaching on the Biblical view of marriage and sexuality, Christian minister Peter Simpson reported in an article for the Conservative Woman. Pastor John Sherwood was arrested on April 23 while preaching from the Bible in the center of Uxbridge (PM Boris Johnson’s constituency).

UK court: Franklin Graham festival was discriminated against by local authorities

A British court has ruled that the 2018 UK Lancashire Festival of Hope featuring Franklin Graham was subject to discrimination by local authorities which removed festival bus advertisements reading only “Time for Hope,” Assist News reports. The Blackpool Borough Council and Blackpool Transport Services were found to have violated the UK’s Equality Act 2010 by discriminating against the Festival specifically because of Graham’s religious views on homosexuality.

UK Appeals Court: Christian adoption agency cannot refuse placements with same-sex couples when it works on behalf of local government authorities

A UK Appeals Court has ruled that, while it is working with government authorities, a Christian adoption and foster care agency cannot refuse to place children with same-sex couples, the Christian Post reports. The Court ruled Tuesday that the Cornerstone Adoption and Fostering Service can recruit carers who identify as evangelical, provided it does not legally require them to be heterosexual.

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