U.S. Acting Navy Secretary Resigns Over Comments

Acting U.S. Navy Secretary Thomas Modly has resigned after his controversial comments of the officer he fired as captain of a coronavirus-stricken aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt, officials confirmed. Modly had come under fire for dismissing Captain Brett E. Crozier, last week, saying Crozier had shown “extremely poor judgment.” He referred to Crozier distributing a letter calling for urgent help with the virus COVID-19 outbreak aboard his ship.

US government expected to advise public to wear face-coverings outdoors

After the US recorded 1000 coronavirus deaths in one day on Wednesday, it is expected the federal government will shortly advise Americans to cover their mouths and noses when outdoors. Advice on wearing masks has been the subject of ongoing debate among the US coronavirus taskforce, as some worry face-coverings may give a false sense of security and cause the public to ignore social-distancing and hand-washing instructions.

Newly established US Space Force launches first security mission

The recently established United States Space Force has launched its first national security space mission. Amidst precautions pertaining to the coronavirus pandemic, a United Launch Alliance (ULA) Atlas V rocket carrying a Lockheed Martin Advanced Extremely High Frequency (AEHF-6) satellite took off from Cape Canaveral on 26 March.

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