Dems Kill Key Pro-Israel bill to Appease White House on Iran

The fallout from a rushed, late night decision by a leading Democrat to scuttle key pro-Israel legislation in a bid to appease the Obama administration threatens to complicate efforts by Democrats to hold on to the Senate, according to sources on Capitol Hill and in the pro-Israel community.

Commission’s first hearing focuses on U.S. role in Sudanese conflict

WASHINGTON (BP)–The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom received in its first hearing a variety of recommendations on halting the religious persecution and civil war in Sudan, but there seemed to be widespread agreement on one sentiment — the United States can do more.

Demo Fundraiser at Playboy Mansion Causing Headaches on Eve of Convention

(AgapePress) – The battle within the Democratic Party over next week’s planned fundraiser at the Playboy Mansion has turned into an all-out war between Al Gore and a rebel Democratic congresswoman. Meanwhile, some are accusing the Vice President of hypocrisy in publicly denouncing the event.

Voting Record Indicates Lieberman Not as “Conservative” as Media Says

(AgapePress) – Many politicians and members of the media portray Senator Joseph Lieberman as the ideal Vice Presidential candidate on the Democratic ticket. A spokesman for a pro-life group, however, say Lieberman is far from being conservative–especially when it comes to the lives of unborn babies.

Lieberman–Chosen to Deflect GOP’s “Immoral Behavior” Darts?

(AgapePress) – Democratic strategists say Al Gore chose Senator Joseph Lieberman to be his running mate for one reason, and one reason alone. They say something had to be done to dull the Republican’s attack of linking Gore to Bill Clinton’s immoral behavior.

“Social Conservatives” Report Some Success With GOP Convention Delegates

WASHINGTON, DC (AgapePress) – This week at the Republican National Convention in Philadelphia, pro-life supporters and other conservative advocates have been active in and around the convention center. Some are feeling their efforts are beneficial to their cause, while others are feeling they are being taken for granted.

Tuesday Night in Philly–Patriotism, Military Strength, Righteousness…and a Gay Speaker

WASHINGTON, DC (AgapePress) – The major theme last night at the Republican National Convention seemed to be patriotism and the military, as speakers included an esteemed Gulf War hero and a former Vietnam prisoner of war. But there was only the slightest sign of protest as Arizona Congressman Jim Kolbe, an open homosexual, addressed the crowd. Some members of the Texas delegation removed their hats and some were seen praying as Kolbe gave his brief speech.

House approves divisive U.S.-China trade pact

24 May 2000 (Newsroom) — The United States House of Representatives approved a China trade bill on Wednesday that has divided human rights and religious freedom advocates. The House voted 237-197 to grant permanent normal trade relations to the communist nation, taking the place of Most Favored Nation (MFN) status, which required an annual review of China’s adherence to international standards. The Senate is expected to approve a similar pact in early June.

Vermont Senate rejects definition of marriage

18 April 2000 (Newsroom) – The Vermont Senate on Tuesday rejected a constitutional amendment that would define marriage as a union between a man and a woman. A bill permitting civil unions that would grant all of the rights and benefits of marriage to same-sex couples, the most comprehensive law of its kind in the United States, is scheduled for a vote today (April 19).

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