Britain’s Johnson Out Of Intensive Care With Coronavirus

Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson was taken from intensive care late Thursday but remained in a London hospital recovering of the new coronavirus COVID-19, his office announced. “The prime minister has been moved this evening from intensive care back to the ward…He will receive close monitoring during the early phase of his recovery,” it added.

American companies moving away from China as main supplier

A new report shows the “dramatic reversal” of a five-year trend as US companies commanded a considerably larger share of manufacturing in 2019 than the 14 Asian exporters that were tracked for the study. According to the seventh annual Reshoring Index report by global manufacturing consulting firm Kearney, Chinese exporters suffered the greatest losses.

European Union in disagreement over coronavirus finance deal

A disagreement over eurozone loans on Wednesday halted European Union (EU) efforts to agree on a deal on managing the economic fallout of the coronavirus pandemic. Negotiations between European finance ministers were suspended until Thursday after 16 hours of talks brought no resolution. Yesterday’s discussions followed similar talks that were held last month, when no agreement was reached either.

Saudi-led Coalition Announces Cease-fire in Yemen War

The Saudi-led coalition fighting Yemen’s Iran-aligned Houthis said Wednesday that it was halting military operations nationwide in support of U.N. efforts to end a five-year war that has killed over 100,000 people and spread hunger and disease.

WHO:’Hundreds In Quarantine In North Korea’

The World Health Organization said Tuesday it had received assurances from North Korea that it continues testing for the new coronavirus and has more than 500 people in quarantine. The leadership of North Korea, one of the world’s most repressive states, has so far claimed there are no confirmed cases of the virus, known as COVID-19.

Spectacular Super Moon to light up skies on April 7th and 8th

A spectacular Super Moon is set to appear in the night skies on April 7th and 8th. The best time to see it is anywhere in the world will be after sunset, when the moon rises over the eastern horizon, VOA reports. Those without an east-facing view should be able to see an equally spectacular moonset on April 8.

Britain’s Queen Invokes World War II In Coronavirus Address

Queen Elizabeth II says Britons will overcome the new coronavirus pandemic if they confront the crisis with the same resolve that carried the nation through other trials and tragedies. Invoking the spirit of World War Two, the British monarch urged Britain in televised remarks to demonstrate the determination as generations of the past.

Countries Fight Over Medical Supplies Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

As countries struggle to contain the new coronavirus outbreak, a global fight has emerged over dwindling medical supplies. The tensions even led to growing competition for medical goods between the United States and its traditional European allies. Take Germany. The local government in the German state and capital, Berlin, claims that 200,000 U.S.-made protective masks bound for Germany never arrived. Authorities say the shipment was ‘confiscated’ in Bangkok, Thailand.

Global coronavirus cases surpass one million

Global coronavirus cases surpassed 1 million on Thursday with more than 52,000 deaths as the pandemic further exploded in the United States and the death toll climbed in Spain and Italy, according to a Reuters tally of official data.

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