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Britain files for EU divorce, triggering 2 years to Brexit
Britain formally filed for divorce from the European Union Wednesday, walking out on a 44-year relationship, enacting the decision made by U.K. voters in a referendum nine months ago and launching both Britain and the bloc into uncharted territory. The EU official has received the letter from Britain, setting off the process.
Posted on: Thursday, March 30, 2017 [ 1 Comment ]

Five dead, around 40 injured in UK parliament 'terrorist' attack
Five people were killed and about 40 injured in London on Wednesday after a car plowed into pedestrians and a suspected Islamist-inspired attacker stabbed a policeman close to Britain's parliament.
Posted on: Thursday, March 23, 2017 [ No Comments ]

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Hamas Develops New 'High-Powered' Rocket Similar to Hezbollah Projectiles
amas has produced several dozen short-range rockets that can carry a relatively heavy explosive load, Army Radio reported Tuesday.
Posted on: Tuesday, March 28, 2017 [ No Comments ]

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I Stand with Israel Petition

We want to send a strong, encouraging message to President Donald Trump concerning the importance of the nation of Israel in relation to God’s Word. Mr. Trump has already made strong statements supporting Jerusalem as Israel's capital and the nation's right to exist and defend herself. Let’s be sure to support our future President in his decision and encourage him to follow through on his affirmations concerning Jerusalem and the Promised Land. Our goal is to deliver a petition of 1,000,000 signatures to President Trump! Read our Petition!

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Trump says he expects a health care deal soon
President Donald Trump says he expects to make a deal on health care, even though his first attempt failed just a few days ago.
Posted on: Tuesday, March 28, 2017 [ No Comments ]

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The first solar eclipse to cross America in 99 years is coming. To some, it’s an act of God
The total solar eclipse that will cross America this summer — an event that last happened 99 years ago — will be an important moment for scientific observers and a massive nationwide spectator event. It will also, for many people of faith, be evidence of God’s majesty — and even, to a few, a harbinger of the coming end of the world.
Posted on: Monday, March 20, 2017 [ 9 Comments ]

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Verdict Pending for Four Church of Iran Members [Christian Solidarity Worldwide - Mar 30]

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