NASA technology could be used to charge EVs in five minutes

Researchers announced earlier this month that NASA technology developed for the International Space Station could also be used to charge electric vehicles on earth in as little as five minutes, Business Insider reports.

UK: Hundreds of churches rally to welcome Ukrainian refugees

Over 500 UK churches have joined a partnership of churches, charities, and other agencies to welcome, host, and help Ukrainian refugees arriving in Britain from the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine, Christian Today reports.

Colombia decriminalizes abortion

Colombia’s Constitutional Court ruled on Monday that abortion should be decriminalized up to 24 weeks’ gestation, i24 News reports. The court made its decision after rights groups filed suit for abortion on demand to be legalized.

NY Christian adoption agency files federal suit claiming harassment by state

A privately funded New York Christian adoption agency has filed a federal lawsuit alleging that the New York State Division of Human Rights violated the agency’s constitutional rights by opening an unwarranted investigation triggered by a complaint about the agency’s policy on same-sex marriage, Christian Headlines (CH) reports.

UK Court of Appeal says Christian foster agency can refuse placements with same-sex couples

The UK Court of Appeal has ruled that an evangelical foster agency that receives tax-payer funding is allowed to only place children with carers who identify as Christian, but it cannot insist that those carers be heterosexual, the Christian Post (CP) reports. Cornerstone (North East) Adoption and Fostering Service, also known as CornerstoneUK, said it will appeal Friday’s ruling to the UK’s Supreme Court.

Largest US Christian adoption agency to place children with LGBT parents

As legal and cultural fighting continues over religious convictions and LGBTQ rights, America’s largest Christian adoption agency, Bethany Christian Services, has decided to change a longstanding policy and begin placing children with LGBT parents for foster care and adoption through all its offices in 32 states. Christianity Today reported Monday.

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