Ex-Adviser Bannon To Testify In Trump Hearing

Ex-White House strategist Stephen K. Bannon will testify before a House of Representatives committee investigating the January 6th attack on the U.S. Capitol after his former boss lifted objections, several sources confirmed.

US Police Killed Black Man; Violence Feared

The United States was bracing for protests and violence as the video was to emerge of police killing Jayland Walker, a Black man in the U.S. state of Ohio, by shooting him dozens of times as he ran from officers.

Voter Trust in Democrats Sinks to New Lows With 6 Months Until Midterms

Americans back the Republican Party over the Democratic Party by 19 points on its ability to handle inflation and by 14 points on its ability to handle the economy. The poll notes that 68 percent of likely voters disapprove of President Joe Biden’s approach to combating inflation. Democrats also lag behind Republicans by 12 points on their ability to handle crime—the GOP’s highest trust rating on the issue since the 1990s.

Democrats in Decline: Poll Finds 14 Point Swing in Party ID Since Biden Took Office

President Joe Biden’s first year in office has been a disaster of epic proportions. Afghanistan and the southern border? Disaster. His handling of the COVID-19 pandemic after promising to “shut down” the virus and hiring Ron “Ebola Czar” Klain as his chief of staff? Disaster. His decrepit disposition and the fact that Kamala Harris is a heartbeat away from power? You get the idea.

Biden Blames Trump Voters For Virginia Defeat

With his approval ratings plummeting in opinion polls, U.S. President Joe Biden rushed to deny that his Democratic Party’s shock loss in the Virginia governor’s race was a verdict on his presidency.

Majority of Syria’s Christians have fled the country

Around two-thirds of Syria’s Christians have had to escape the war-torn country over the last 10 years, Kurdish news outlet Rudaw reports. Prior to the start of the civil war in 2011, Christians constituted between 8%-10% of Syria’s population; they now make up about 3%.

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