Christians Rush To Halt Ebola Outbreak In Africa

Christian aid workers are rushing to provide personal protective equipment (PPE) to east and southern Africa after an outbreak of Ebola, the highly deadly contagious disease that has already killed scores of people in recent weeks.

Ukraine Forces Battle In ‘Dead Cities’

Between massive death and destruction, Ukrainian forces were still holding out in the eastern city of Severodonetsk despite being outnumbered by Russian forces, Ukraine’s president said.

State Department orders non-emergency personnel to leave Shanghai

The US State Department on Monday ordered non-emergency US government workers to leave Shanghai due to China’s zero-tolerance of surging COVID-19 Omicron cases, its imposing of harsh central lockdowns, and its separating positive-tested children from their parents, Reuters reports.

No arrests in murder of California pastor shot dead in Los Angeles

No arrests have yet been made for the murder of 65-year old California evangelist Rev. Reginald Moore, who was shot dead in broad daylight outside his church in Compton county, Los Angeles on October 24, 2021. Pastor Rev. Reginald Moore was murdered outside the Upper Room Christian Center and was found lying dead in the street holding his Bible and walking cane.

Eight Killed In Mass Shooting Hitting California

A transit worker opened fire and killed eight people before taking his own life at a train yard in California, prompting the U.S. state’s governor to ask: “What the hell is wrong with us?”

We Must Start Planning For a Permanent Pandemic

For the past year, an assumption — sometimes explicit, often tacit — has informed almost all our thinking about the pandemic: At some point, it will be over, and then we’ll go “back to normal.”

China Jails Christian Journalist For COVID-19 Investigations

China faces international pressure for sentencing an independent Christian journalist to four-year imprisonment over her coverage of the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan city. Zhang Zhan, 37, reportedly saw it as “God’s will’ to be among the few people whose firsthand accounts from crowded hospitals and empty streets painted a more gloomy picture of the COVID-19 epicenter than the official narrative.

Coronavirus Pandemic Overshadows 35th Anniversary Of Schengen

A new wave of coronavirus infections is overshadowing the 35th anniversary of Europe’s border-free Schengen Area. France and Germany are among European Union member states facing significant challenges amid rising coronavirus infection in Europe ahead of Christmas.

After Chinese Scientists Steal Billions in American Research, U.S. Finally Bans Communists

The U.S. government has finally issued an official policy on the inadmissibility of foreigners affiliated with Communist or totalitarian parties. The critical new rule appears to be the Trump administration’s response to an epidemic of Communists, mainly from China, that have stolen billions of dollars in taxpayer-funded scientific research while working in the United States with Uncle Sam’s permission.

U.S. President Trump and Rival Biden Meet In Harshest Debate In Years

Republican President Donald Trump and Democratic rival Joe Biden were in a verbal war as they debated issues ranging from Trump’s leadership on the coronavirus outbreak to deadly riots, job losses, and how the Supreme Court will impact the nation’s future.

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