ECB In ‘Final Stage’ To For Digital Euro

The European Central Bank confirmed Monday that it is in the final stage of investigating the introduction of the digital euro, which could make cashless payments the norm in defiance of critics fearing more government control.

Genocide Watch warns of possible new war between Armenia and Azerbaijan this year

The US-based Genocide Watch organization has warned that just two years after their war over Nagorno-Karabakh, Armenia and Azerbaijan appear to be heading toward a new round of fighting. In a report published on January 1, Genocide Watch placed Armenia and Azerbaijan on a list of 10 conflicts to watch in 2023.

Moldova: ‘Russia Seeks Overthrow Government’

Moldova’s president says Russia is plotting to overthrow the country’s pro-European Union government after a Russian missile violated the country’s airspace.

Israel Rushes Aid To Quakes-Hit Turkey, Syria

As Turkey’s president defended his government’s perceived slow response to massive earthquakes, Israel was rushing to provide aid to Turkey and neighboring Syria.

EU Citizens To Pay For CO2 Emissions

The European Union decided Sunday that its residents will be forced to pay for their carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions through natural gas bills and at gas stations while companies receive fewer free pollution vouchers.

Bulgaria To Provide Military Aid To Ukraine

Bulgaria, once labeled the “sixteenth republic” of the Soviet empire for its obedient allegiance to Moscow, should send military aid to Ukraine, the parliament decided Thursday.

Fire, Shootings At Iran Prison Kills Four

A fire at one of Iran’s most notorious prisons where Christians and political activists are among inmates has killed at least four people and injured 61 others, Iranian authorities acknowledged Sunday.

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