China: Evangelist detained for trying share Gospel with Xi Jinping

A Christian woman in China has again been put in detention for trying to share the Gospel with the leader of China’s ruling communist party, President Xi Jinping, International Christian Concern (ICC) reports. Evangelist Zhou Jinxia has tried repeatedly to share her faith with the communist leader and has been jailed on previous occasions for her efforts.

Uganda Detains Imam After Killing Pastor

Security officials in Uganda have detained an imam who confessed to killing an evangelical church leader this month for evangelizing among Muslims, several sources confirmed Thursday.

Family, Friends ‘Celebrate Life’ Of Late Evangelist Luis Palau

An emotionally charged private memorial service was held Saturday, March 20, in honor of world-renowned evangelist Luis Palau. He passed away this month after losing his battle against lung cancer at age 86, leaving behind an evangelism legacy that impacted millions’ lives.

Evangelist Luis Palau Dies At 86

Luis Palau, the international evangelist who preached the Gospel of Jesus Christ to more than 1 billion people through media and evangelistic events, has died, his family confirmed. The 86-year-old preacher, a close friend of the late evangelist Billy Graham, passed away after a decision to stop all treatment for his incurable lung cancer.

SCOTUS rules in favor of Christian student banned for preaching Gospel on campus

Explaining that a violation of rights imports damages, the US Supreme Court ruled 8-1 Monday that a former student at a Georgia college could seek nominal damages for being barred from preaching the Gospel on campus, even after the school changed its policy, the Christian Post reports. Chief Justice John Roberts authored a dissenting opinion on various grounds, including that the school had changed its policy and the plaintiff had not alleged actual damages.

Somaliland Detains Christians Over Evangelism

A court in Somaliland on Wednesday extended the detention of four Christians for evangelism in the self-declared republic, which is mainly Muslim, trial observers told Worthy News.

Head of Israeli Satellite Council suspends license of Israeli Messianic TV channel

The head of Israel’s Communication and Satellite Council has accused Israeli Messianic channel Shelanu TV of violating its broadcasting agreement and has suspended its license, CBN News reported Sunday.  Council Chairman Asher Biton claimed Shelanu falsely stated an intention to appeal only to Christians when it actually intended to broadcast Christian content to Jewish viewers in Israel. Vigorously denying any attempt to deceive, Shelanu has published its original agreement to prove there was no contractual violation.

Sri Lanka eyes “anti-conversion” law that could harm Christians

The Prime Minister of Sri Lanka is calling for the establishment of an “anti-conversion” law he claims will “save this country” from the phenomenon of people converting from Buddhism to other religions, Christians say as a pretext for persecution.

Ex-Terrorist Leads Indonesia’s Christian Convert Movement

The married-father-of-three has come a long way since he nearly blew up a Protestant church in Jakarta. Author Ahmad Quraisy, which isn’t his family name, was a commander of the feared Islamic State of Indonesia (NII), an Indonesian militant group. But the former Islamic terrorist now leads an underground movement in Indonesia converting Muslims to Christianity or, in his words, ‘personal faith in Christ.’

Over 20 Detained for Sharing Gospel in China

More than 20 Christians were arrested on October 20 as they were evangelizing on the streets. During the ordeal, the members of the Church were not discouraged but continued to evangelize and share the love of Christ.

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