Livestock To Save Armenia Christians Wartorn Nagorno-Karabakh

Aid workers help provide livestock to Armenian Christians who struggle to maintain a Christian presence in wartorn Nagorno-Karabakh, the mainly Armenian enclave within Muslim-majority Azerbaijan, Worthy News learned.

Dutch Ponder Banning ‘Dangerous’ Parties

An influential governing Dutch party wants to ban parties deemed dangerous for society, in a move that critics say threatens the Netherlands’ liberal, democratic traditions.

New Zealand cattle and sheep farmers protest “burp” tax

New Zealand cattle and sheep farmers have engaged in over 50 nationwide demonstrations, protesting the government’s proposed plans to tax climate-heating gasses that farm animals release when burping, Sky News reports.

Dutch Minister Resigns Over Nitrogen Rallies

The Dutch agriculture minister resigned Monday after weeks of protests by farmers who fear for their livelihoods due to the Netherlands’ strictest nitrogen policies in Europe.

Christian Genocide in Nigeria

The ongoing slaughter of Christians in Nigeria at the hands of Islamic extremists meets the established international standards for genocide, the Colson Center reports. The International Christian Concern advocacy group reported in 2020 that between 50,000 to 70,000 Christians have been killed by Islamic terrorists; the Open Doors USA advocacy group reported this year that one Nigerian Christian is killed for their faith every two hours, 13 a day, 372 a month.

Farmers Block Netherlands Over Nitrogen Plan

Dutch authorities and supermarket chains prepared Monday for possible interruptions in food supplies as farmers planned blockades at airports and roads to protest against the government’s nitrogen plans.

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