India Militants Attack Pastors’ Conference, 10 Injured

At least 10 Christians were recovering from their injuries Monday, February 5, after Hindu militants reportedly attacked a pastors’ conference in Raipur, the capital of India’s Chhattisgarh state.

Eritrea Jails Nearly 2,000 Christians

Nearly two thousand Christians spent another Sunday, behind bars in Eritrea where they are allegedly subjected to torture and forced labor because of their religious beliefs.

Hindu Extremists Attack Jailed Christian

A group of about 15 Hindu extremists in the southern state of Karnataka on August 4 entered a jail and attacked a Christian businessman accused of compelling his wife to commit suicide.

China Christians Warn Of “Worst Persecution in 140 Years”

Over 20 Christians detained during the demolition of a large church in Zhejiang Province were believed to be still in prison Monday, August 14, amid fears that more churches would be destroyed by Chinese security forces as part of what local believers called the worst persecution in 140 years.

China “Tortures” Four Missionaries in Yunan Province

Chinese security forces reportedly arrested and tortured four Christian missionaries, including two women, in Jinghong City of Yunan Province on charges of “superstitious activities,” BosNewsLife learned Saturday, August 12.

House Church Leader Jailed for Three Year as Chinese President Visits UK

Pastor Cai was abducted from a bus stop and dragged into a van by three plain-clothed State Security officers on September 11 2004. According to a former fellow inmate, Pastor Cai was repeatedly tortured with electric shocks and forced to give false confessions to serious charges.

Anglican Church Leadership “Killed” in Iraq

The entire lay leadership of Iraq’s main Anglican Church was presumed dead Thursday, September 29, amid reports they were attacked while returning from a conference in neighboring Jordan.

Six Villagers Arrested for Tonsuring Christians in Orissa, India

Six people were arrested on May 3 in connection with a February 10 incident regarding residents of a village in Orissa state, India, shaving the heads of a local pastor and eight Christian women in an effort to publicly mark them as Hindu converts.

Chinese Christians Testify of Persecution before UN Commission

For the first time in history, Chinese Christians gave evidence of persecution in April at a special meeting called by the United Nations Commission on Human Rights (UNCHR) in Geneva. Several speakers testified to beatings, imprisonment, torture and damage to church buildings in recent years.

Tortured Chinese House Church Leaders Testify for First Time at U.N.

Persecuted Chinese House Church leaders, including tortured and sexually abused women, have for the first time testified at the United Nations Commission on Human Rights amid claims that the Beijing government is increasing pressure on unregistered churches and active believers, ASSIST News Service (ANS) learned Monday April 5.

Christian Nurse Shot Dead at Lebanese Clinic

A female American missionary has been shot dead at a Christian heath clinic in the southern Lebanese city of Sidon, according to the Reuters news agency.

South China Church Leaders Freed — Then Re-Arrested

Four female leaders of the South China Church, an unregistered house church network, were declared innocent by the Hubei Provincial Court on October 11. However, only hours after their release they were re-arrested by the Public Security Bureau and sent to three years of “re-education through labor.”

Two Foreign Christians Remain Held by Saudi Authorities

SANTA ANA, CA (ANS) — Terry Madison, U.S. president and CEO of Open Doors with Brother Andrew has said that Saudi Arabia’s treatment of two expatriate Christians is further proof of why this desert Kingdom is among the world’s worst persecutor of Christians.

Kazakstan Christians Persecuted and Fined

ASTANA / BUDAPEST , (ANS) — Leaders and other believers of non registered Baptist and Evangelical churches in the former Soviet republic of Kazakstan are experiencing a new period of persecution by central authorities, reports said Monday July 1.

Gong’s “Accusers” Claim Torture Induced False Confessions

by Alex Buchan LONDON, January 31 (Compass)– In an attempt to ensure fair treatment of house church leader Gong Shengliang, six jailed female co-workers from the embattled South China Church authorized the release on January 29 of three letters detailing how they were tortured by police into providing false testimony against him. In a secret December trial, Gong was sentenced to death on charges of rape and arson, and of leading a cult. Although due to be executed on January 5, fifty-year-old Gong was granted permission to appeal his death sentence while on death row after international pressure was applied … Read more

Christians Fear Imposition of Islamic Law In Malaysia

1 July 2002

Moderate Muslims, women’s groups, Christians and other non-Muslim minorities have all reacted with horror to plans by Muslim opposition party PAS to impose full Islamic Shari’ah law in Malaysia’s Terengganu State.

30 Chinese Christian Leaders Abducted

An uncertain number of leaders of a major house church movement in China have disappeared in what at first was thought to be a massive government raid. Now cult activity is suspected.

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