Two Foreign Christians Remain Held by Saudi Authorities

Terry Madison, U.S. president and CEO of Open Doors with Brother Andrew has said that Saudi Arabia’s treatment of two expatriate Christians is further proof of why this desert Kingdom is among the world’s worst persecutor of Christians.

Is A Vote For Gore A Vote For The Antichrist?

Let me state flatly that I do not believe Al Gore is the Antichrist. But millions of conservatives around the world, religious and non-religious, are concerned with the United Nations earth-centered one-world environmentalism supported by such as he. Al Gore has suggested that his resume makes him better prepared for the White House than Bill Clinton was in 1992. Apocalyptically speaking, he may be right. Gore’s resume, especially as outlined in his book Earth in the Balance, contributes to an ominous, if not prophetic, global vision of the near future.

Christian Aid Responds to Horror in the Moluccas

Responding to urgent pleas for help, Christian Aid has joined a campaign to raise $1.2 million to rescue Christians feared targeted for conversion or extermination by Muslim jihad warriors in Indonesia.

Forced Conversions To Islam Continue in Indonesia

A growing body of evidence confirms reports that Christians in Indonesia’s Maluku Islands have been forced to convert to Islam under threat of death, although Muslim clerics deny the claims.

Turkmen Baptist Pastor Threatened with Prison

Baptist pastor Rahim Tashov and a colleague were hauled into police headquarters in their hometown of Turkmenabad (formerly Chardjou) last Thursday, February 3.

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