UK court says Christian preacher has no case to answer

A UK court has dismissed the case against a female Christian street preacher who was charged with causing “harassment, alarm and distress” while preaching a message from the Bible outside a London subway station last year, Christian Concern (CC) reports. The Highbury Corner Magistrates Court ruled last month that preacher Hazel Lewis had “no case to answer.”

Christian teachers sue Virginia school district over transgender policy

Two Christian teachers have filed suit against a Virginia school district over a transgender policy that allows students to use restroom facilities according to their gender identity and requires all employees and children to use the preferred gender pronouns of transgender students, Christian Headlines reports.

‘Taliban To Respect Women’s Right, But Introduces Sharia’

Afghanistan’s Islamist militant Taliban group pledged Monday that it would “respect the rights of women” if they respect its strict interpretation of Islam. “They can work and have education within Islamic law,” said Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid during his group’s first press conference since taking control over Afghanistan.

Taliban Executions As Militants Capture Kabul (Video)

Minority Christians and supporters of the U.S.-led military coalition such as translators were among Afghans facing executions after the Islamist militant Taliban group took control over Afghanistan.

Netherlands Turmoil Over Return Islamic State Fighters (Worthy News In-Depth)

The Dutch are facing social and political unrest over the government’s decision to return at least some of the dozens of mainly female Islamic State group fighters and their 56 children from Syria to the Netherlands. The government views it as a humanitarian and legal obligation. Still, populist parties fear the radicalized returnees may threaten Dutch security.

Indiana Baptist church ordains transgender pastor

The University Baptist Church in Bloomington, Indiana has ordained a transgender woman, Church Leaders reports. The ordination of Laura Bethany Buchleiter took place on May 23, a few weeks after the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America elected its first transgender bishop.

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