Bennett to ask Putin to keep Iran away from Golan Heights

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett is set to ask Russia’s President Vladimir Putin to lean on Iran regarding its forces stationed in Syria near Israel’s northern border, when the pair meet later this week.

Coin with Scene of Golgotha Unearthed in Archeological Site Near Tel Aviv

According to reports by CBN News, a rare gold coin, minted in 638 or 639 AD by Byzantine emperor Heraclius, was found along with many other artifacts in an archaeological dig site in the Ramat Ha-Sharon region, near Tel Aviv, Israel. On one side of the coin is the image of the emperor and on the other side is an image of Golgotha with the three crosses spoken of in the Bible. The coin also contains an inscription in Greek and possibly in Arabic, which is most likely the name of the owner, as it would have been a highly valuable possession. This coin furthers the understanding of the influence of Messianic faith in that day.

IDF destroys Syrian outpost used by Hezbollah

The IDF struck a Syrian outpost near the city of Quneitra on Thursday, marking the first strike on the northern border by the government of Prime Minister Naftali Bennett.

Israel, US launch joint air defense exercise ‘Juniper Falcon’

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and the United States European Command (EUCOM) this week launched a joint air defense exercise, dubbed “Juniper Falcon,” focused on the threat from ballistic missile attacks, the two armies announced Thursday.

Report: Israel strikes Hezbollah targets in Syria

Syrian state television said Wednesday evening the country’s air defenses responded to “Israeli aggression” in what appears to be an attack on Hezbollah targets in the area.

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