Myanmar Army Raiding Churches

Christians in Myanmar gathered for worship Sunday after troops raided churches and news that the junta did not include political prisoners to mark the Buddhist new year.

Britain Court Orders Extradition Julian Assange To US

A British court ordered the extradition of WikiLeaks website founder Julian Assange to the United States to face trial over the publication of secret files relating to the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

US President At NATO Emergency Summit Over Ukraine War

U.S. President Joe Biden is at an emergency summit of the NATO military alliance amid concerns the war in Ukraine will further escalate. NATO will approve significant increases of forces in Eastern Europe.

Dozen Killed In Ghana’s Mining Truck Blast

Rescue workers struggled to find survivors Friday as at least 13 people died and scores were injured in western Ghana after a mining truck carrying explosives collided with a motorcycle, witnesses and authorities said.

American Scientists Awarded Nobel Prize For Heat And Touch Discoveries

American scientists David Julius and Ardem Patapoutian have won the Nobel Prize in medicine for their discoveries into how the human body perceives temperature and touch. The revelations awarded Monday in Stockholm, Sweden, could lead to new ways of treating pain or even heart disease. 

Coin with Scene of Golgotha Unearthed in Archeological Site Near Tel Aviv

According to reports by CBN News, a rare gold coin, minted in 638 or 639 AD by Byzantine emperor Heraclius, was found along with many other artifacts in an archaeological dig site in the Ramat Ha-Sharon region, near Tel Aviv, Israel. On one side of the coin is the image of the emperor and on the other side is an image of Golgotha with the three crosses spoken of in the Bible. The coin also contains an inscription in Greek and possibly in Arabic, which is most likely the name of the owner, as it would have been a highly valuable possession. This coin furthers the understanding of the influence of Messianic faith in that day.

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