Canada’s Trudeau Starts Quelling Protests

Canada’s prime minister imposed autocratic measures Monday to quell massive protests by truckers and others opposing his government’s COVID-19 restrictions.

U.S. National Guard Preparing For Cyberwar

The U.S. National Guard is preparing for cyber warfare amid concerns about possible attacks on critical infrastructure in the United States, Worthy News learned.

Iranian hacker group targeted Israel and US in 2020

A new report shows that an Iranian hacker group known as TA453, or “Phosphorus,” conducted cyber attacks on 25 senior Israeli and American medical researchers in genetics, neurology, and oncology in 2020, Jerusalem Online reported Thursday. In its report, cybersecurity firm Proofpoint cited outside sources in connecting “Phosphorus” to the Iranian regime and its Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

Microsoft hack heralds new era of mass-scale cyberwar

Last week’s discovery of a massive new cyberattack that targeted flaws in Microsoft’s Exchange Server indicates the world has entered into the age of mass-scale cyberwar, Axios reports. The Microsoft hack affected some 30,000 small businesses and organizations in the US and many more globally, and follows the SolarWinds massive hack in December.

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